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I see that Herbert Jefferson, Jr. has been added to the guest list for NY Wintercon at the end of November! So for those keeping track, that’s Dirk, Laurette, Noah and Herb. How exciting! ?

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Woohoo! So cool. I met Herb and Laurette for the first time earlier this year and they were both very nice and fun to talk to.

I’ve met Herb a couple of times already. He’s very friendly. I never met Laurette before, but I liked Cassie a whole lot on the show. So excited to be going !!!

I’ve talked to Herbert a couple of times. Very nice guy. He’s done some guest appearances on other shows that I’ve watched. If you have the opportunity to meet him, you will be blessed.

This was the first time I had the chance to meet Laurette. Wonderful person. Close to her family and we had a very enjoyable talk. Best wishes to her daughter, who wasn’t feeling well last weekend. Can’t wait to see more of her in LMS episodes.

Had a terrific time watching Dirk’s panel.

He’s so much fun I didn’t feel too bad for the “interviewer” who didn’t get a word in edgewise. Are we surprised?? ?

Dirk’s son Roland was with him on the trip, and joined him on stage. I thought it was terrific, and hope the two consider teaming up again in the future. Roland is as charming as his dad.

What do y’all think?

P.S. Check out the bamboo shin guards from Roland’s soccer company:

A friend of mine bought them for her daughter and she scored the winning goals in her last two games.
I think it was the shin guards. ?

The panel was awesome. I don’t think Roland was surprised at all. The interviewer was having fun with the challenge… and Dirk’s stories. Don’t we all love listening to them? He’s a good story-teller as long as you can follow his tangents. LOL. Everyone I know that went to the panel enjoyed it.

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