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With Bruce Dern (father of Laura Dern) & Sydney Walsh.
Catherine Oxenburg also played in this one.
Unfortunately have not seen it. (It exists on VHS, but I do not know about DVD)
Found this review on IMDB:
saw this movie a loooooong time ago and don’t remember too much about it which should tell you something. As i recall it was a pilot for a TV show that was never picked up but don’t quote me on that. It’s easy to see why it wasn’t picked up, with Dirk doing another Face come Starbuck style turn i should imagine he was getting bored with that kind of character and it seems to come across in the picture. Its all just lacking that spark and the tell tale twinkle of a scoundrel in the main characters eye.

Basically as far as i can remember Dirk does a good combination of Face & Starbuck but without the back bone. Worth it if you like Dirk Benedict which is easy to do as he’s a bloody nice chap, although it has to be said that the facial hair he sports through out the movie is best described as a mistake.

@Wim @flygirl I actually (respectfully) disagree with the movie review. I didn’t feel like Dirk’s character resembled Face or Starbuck at all; rather, he was a jaded detective who’d be more at home in the era of film noir than in the modern day, and he didn’t care how much he fit in or stood out/what people thought of his actions as long as he solved the case. He has an “I’ve seen it all” attitude, but the way he does what it takes to get his job done, even if it breaks the rules or social convention, is where the “rogue” comes into play.

The part about this being an intended pilot episode that never went anywhere is true though. If the editing had been a little tighter it might have made more impact, but as-is, it’s a chill, light-hearted detective movie for a casual weekend watch. 🙂

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