Do you like soccer (or, as the rest of the world calls it, football)? Dirk does in a big way, and it has become a family affair.

Dirk's son Roland and 2 friends have started Legend Soccer Company,  developing innovative, sustainable soccer gear (and only soccer gear). Learn about Legend Soccer Company at the link above. Dirk not only endorses Legend Soccer, he's involved with it - "and not only because Roland is my son."

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Home and Hearth Tidbits on food, keeping the home fires going, musings on such

Rites of Spring

Posted 05-01-2009 at 02:50 PM by ostarella (Me own blog...)

Every place has its own "spring rites" - the things you see that assure you that, yes, winter is over! I keep noticing the differences between when I lived in the city and now, back in my home town.

A small farming community is, to me, the best place to notice the changes. It starts with farmers' hats. From thick and warm (some with flaps) to well-worn cotton - that's the first sign. Then from coats to heavy jackets, moving to the light-weights - not quite ready for only shirts...
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Posted 10-13-2008 at 11:54 PM by ostarella (Me own blog...)

Well, my son and his girlfriend are skating around the issue of getting married. I think I'm glad they're just "mentioning" it, and know that it's not something for the near future. Not that I'm against it. She's a very nice girl and I really like her. I'm just divided, I guess, on what I want for him.

On the one hand, I want him focusing more on his career. He's got a good job, good pay, and he likes it - but we both know it's not what he wants to be doing. I keep...
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Posted 07-13-2008 at 05:37 PM by ostarella (Me own blog...)

It's been one of those weekends, when suddenly you find yourself forced to re-evaluate things you thought were more or less 'settled'. Or deluded yourself into thinking they were settled. Not only for me, but also for my son.

Respecting his privacy, I'll just say that he's been calling me for advice. I've tried not to tell him what he should do - that only backfires on everyone - but I have told him what *I* would do (and, unfortunately, have done in the past). He knows...
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Organized Woman

Posted 06-18-2008 at 02:29 PM by ostarella (Me own blog...)

Once again, I've spent the day not getting a lot accomplished - other than fretting over the many things I need to get accomplished. I've come to a conclusion about this dilemma.

I am not meant to lead a regimented life. Having to be at work at a given time, having to sleep during a certain time frame, having to set a time limit on projects due to the first two - not for me. I just don't work that way. Not any more.

When I was raising my son, my life was highly regimented....
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What a week!

Posted 06-14-2008 at 10:48 PM by ostarella (Me own blog...)

Well, got back from the airport about an hour ago (hour and a half drive one way) where I saw my son off for California and another six months before I get to see him again The week didn't turn out exactly as either of us had hoped/planned, as I ended up having to work second shift, so we had a few short hours in the morning and a couple when I got home from work about midnight But we had fun during those few hours, and I took Friday off and we just hung out and had fun. Next time he...
Have a Wonder-Full Life
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