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They Be Busted

Posted 11-08-2008 at 11:58 PM by Nacky
Seemingly it's not big enough of a news item to get into national papers but somewhere between an Oklahoma-Texas border town of about 30,000 an online predator was caught and had been running quite a scam for some time. The 34 year old man had been collecting young boys' info and through detailed profiles on Yahoo, MySpace, FaceBook, Deviantart, and Livejournal had amassed quite a following and had all his victims believing he was a woman in his mid to late 20s who just happened to be into all the things they were into.

So well thought-out was his profiles that if no one had caught on, his victims would have numbered considerably greater. The whole persona and various other "supposed" people he claimed were relatives, roommates, etc. worked to present what looked like a legitimate female who collected things young boys were into; from games, sports, selected music to comics and related movies. Once the predator was thought to be geniune and known as the persona he protrayed, victims names, addresses and other info wasn't that hard for him to obtain since he'd promise to send various items from his collections and other items and naturally the return address would be that of a female (probably a relative or friend who had no knowledge of his true intentions).

What's really disturbing about that is the part when the news anchor desribed how the predator was able to manipulate and spread hurtful rumors about anyone who might even be suspicious of him or his fellow predator buddies. Causing enough damage by spreading lies and trying to create a stigma about anyone who obviously seemed like a threat to his following he built up and of course the little predator's friends would rush to defend him without question. People are blind when their popularity might be boosted. Again another case of idiot people who don't bother to check facts (as if the predator himself was ever going to state facts about the people he maligned) and go off popping off all kinds of crap and the predator gets to gloat over his handiwork. But in this case the bad guy was caught and so his pompus female identity is now a matter of record for being a lowlife sexual predator. He was handed 9 years and a fine of 400,000$ Don't you love it?

Yes, justice can happen. It gives a little hope. And speaking of the scumbags out there who pretend to be women, I did find a few things that reflects that;




I know of one online agitator/predator out there and I know it's a female, but her female supporters...maybe they're not all female. At any rate they've already proven to me what I know about them to be true.

Originally posted at my 'Prevent Online Child Abuse' blog.
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    Luckily justice was done in this particular case, but there are still a lot of disturbed people out there, preying on the innocent and the unsuspected. In this way the internet can be a very dangerous place, especially for children and teenagers, but in the end for everyone. Which is such a pity.
    Posted 11-26-2008 at 05:21 PM by asmay asmay is offline
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