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Terra, You Made My Day!

Posted 10-17-2008 at 04:44 PM by Nacky
Updated 10-17-2008 at 04:49 PM by Nacky
I laughed so hard! What a great laugh it is when you can laugh at something and at the same time share a complete alignment with that other person!

Let me explain...

Yesterday was October 16, and Yahoo! had taken it upon itself (or I should say some programmer working for them) to literally rip out everyone's profiles. If you had pics, they were no longer showing up and if you had a specific size of pic, that appears to have been cropped and messed with. All links and quotes and whatever else people had, were all wiped out with one fell swoop. Gone. Dismembered. So naturally, when I went to try to fix my profile back and get all my info back up (missing some of Survivor & Kitchen Nightmares!) and having to sit up into the night to get my profile sowhat fixed, I was beyond annoyed. Yahoo! is a major pain in the arse!

What made my day wasn't the fact that Yahoo! is being hammered with negative feedback (although that is still laugh-worthy) but some of the comments featured on this blog of theirs:

Here's the gem that made my day and my week because it is SO true! I'll start with showing what "Maureen" says and then what "Terra" replies with. *Note: I do not know if these are their real names but I'm simply crediting the names amended to their words so that credit is given to the proper sources.

Comment by Maureen
October 16th, 2008 at 9:39 pm

While I share the same frustrations about how, or why, Yahoo implimented this change / upgrade for OUR profiles… withoutout warning, nor imput, from dedicated members…this is life…and life is not always positive, nor fair…just feel blessed, if this is the “worst issue” within your lives…Just agree, to disagree, and sincerely attempt to accept, not necessarily agree with, modern day technology…Just smile and refuse to allow this, minor issue, to “take your joy”…”It is what it is” and it will soon, just be an “extremely minute” issue within your many life experiences…Sorry for rambling.. May OUR GOD bless you and yours… “Love you man”…LOL

Comment by Terra
October 16th, 2008 at 9:48 pm

I’m pretty sure Jesus would kick these people in the head.

Seriously. This take Joy stuff has to stop. We are complaining because it needs to be changed, because for many of us feel betrayed and because this really disrupts RP which for many of us is a good writing exercise and means of relaxation. You are obviously Christian, I am as well and can respect that, but that unnatural forced joy stuff is not going to help solve the problem. They have to know that their actions are not acceptable. That is why we need to not only complain here, but call, write letters, and beat the door down demanding they fix the problem.

I don’t mean to offend, I just honestly feel that looking on the bright side can be a bad thing and this is one of those instances


I totally want that as a banner: Unnatural forced joy stuff is not going to help solve the problem. They have to know that their actions are not acceptable.

There're just times when heads need kicked in!

Anyway, I couldn't agree more! Looking on the bright side is what I try to do but then something way down deep stirs. I can't stand by and let something wrong just be. It's not in my nature. Scroll down alot to see where these comments are because they're in there. If only more and more people would just get fed up with all this shitty that some few people do to further irritate and stomp on us "small people" maybe march on their collective dumbasses and stomp the proverbial crap outta them?! We can't do a thing about Bush or the financial highway robbery we're being subjected to but we can bitch slap some arseholes who truly, honestly deserve it! I can think of some people who truly need it!

My Yahoo profile is now just, well, this bland thing. But Terra, you made my day! And so, I just wanted to thank you wherever you are! I love people who can stand on a side and stand so stoutly. It's what won wars, brought down regimes and I still believe in that idea. Sadly, in today's world, the sheeple just go whichever way the wind is blowing. Yahoo has proven that.
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  • Old Comment
    Applause, Applause....
    I haven't checked my Yahoo profile lately...and by the sounds of it...I may not want to !
    Posted 10-18-2008 at 03:27 PM by Christy Christy is offline
  • Old Comment
    Very funny story! I mean, not funny about the profiles and stuff, but I do agree with you about this Terra person. Just hit the nail on the head!!
    Posted 10-19-2008 at 01:34 PM by asmay asmay is offline
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