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A Positive Swimsuit Shopping Experience….

Posted 02-22-2009 at 01:18 PM by shastastar
Updated 02-22-2009 at 05:33 PM by shastastar
Okay really…...Swimsuit shopping is demoralizing as hell even from my honest brown rice induced macrobiotic perspective..

So I went to get a new swimsuit this weekend, and I thought (stupidly) hey I can wear a size 2 jeans now….. this should be fun…. I mean…. The crunches are paying off… I’ve almost got the four pack back ( I never had a six pack, even when I was a gymnast, so the four pack is good) I weigh less than I did in high school, so this should really be a treat right???? Well what follows is some positive feedback that I hope will make this experience better not just for me but for everyone………………..

Some constructive feedback to swimsuit manufacturers and marketers:

1. You should bring in some real women that have had children and measure where on their figure stretch marks begin and end. Then make a bikini that will cover the stretch marks. Not all of us want to undergo thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery to take care of these little issues, and most women over a certain age have kids, and would still like to feel sexy. Lingere manufacturers have figured out how to make sexy outfits that cover and flatter why can’t you people?

2. There should be some standard realistic sizing. My friend that is a size zero, was having to try on a medium bikini top and a size 6 / 8 medium bottom. And she doesn’t have kids. Where is the sense in that???? Now I think size inflation is ridiculous, but come on we are not talking premium branding here. If you think the only women that want to wear bikinis are size zero women think again. Some of us size 2,4,6,8 and more women want to go on vacation with our husbands / partners and wear them also And believe it or not some men actually *want* to see their non zero size women that they love and cherish in sexy swimsuits and bikinis.

3. Just because the fashion industry only likes anorexic models doesn’t mean the rest of us are that way, and doesn’t mean that all men want and desire that. There are many cuts of women, slender, athletic, average, slight, petite, tall, large, voluptuous. And I don’t want to wear a triathlon speedo suit when I am trying to look nice. I still want to look sexy and cute, and at that point, I don’t want or need to look sleek / aerodynamic / or be properly supported for rigorous activities or in any other way shape or form just look like a jock.

4. Take a cue from the bra manufacturers and add more cleavage enhancement, or at least include larger removable pads. Women like options. More cleavage / padding when we are on a cruise or romantic weekend getaway. Less when we are at the pool with the kids. Just because we are moms, does not mean we are not women.

5. When you make a tankini, keep in mind that it needs to be functional. Don’t make it so tight that a little roll of skin protrudes at the bottom no matter how thin you are. And if you are going to make it that tight, make sure it is long enough to be tucked into the bottoms. Many women buy them, not as an alternative to a bikini, but because when you are with your kids and need to use the restroom ( or worse, accompany them to the restroom), it’s easier just to slip down a bottom than it is to take off the whole suit. Also you could make an optional attachment strap that would fit inside the bottom, so that if a woman wanted to, she could wear it as a one piece and make sure she was covered. Again options, women like options, why do you think we have 10 different pairs of shoes and shades of lipstick???

The bottom line is that not all of us are cut out to be or want to be in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. Not all of us want to go hang out in the pool at the Palms in Las Vegas or at the Playboy Mansion. But half the population at least in this world are women, and most of us want to look cute, sexy, and feel good about ourselves. And if we didn't go through the trouble of having children and raising them *no one* would be here. Don’t demoralize us by making swimsuits that aren’t as flattering as they could be if you put some real time and effort into it. Don’t size the swimsuits in such a way that even the youngest and the skinniest among us is demoralized. Don’t think that just because a woman works out or runs and has muscles that she wants to wear the same swimsuit to train in and look sexy in. Don’t think that just because a woman has had children, she doesn’t want to wear a bikini. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that no matter how caught up in our careers, our daily lives, our kids, our partners, and our families we are we don’t want to look sexy, feel beautiful, sensual, and feminine.

Oh and yes I did manage to find some swimsuits that were acceptable, two bikinis and a very sexy one piece, after trying on at least three sizes of every color cut and style in the store just about........ so all in all very positive

In the spirit of Peace Hope Faith Love and bancha......
Yours in the one true forever ladies and gents!!!

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  • Old Comment
    LOL - a blog for Dirk to remember!

    In the UK we have different bra brands that cater for the different markets, eg ultimo often fits the 'fake' boobs whereas 'freya' is designed to fit the shape of 'natural boobs'. I put those words in brackets because everyone woman is different, hell even a woman's 2 boobs are different!, so the bra 'size' isn't the only consideration one needs to make. There's no substitute for trying on lingerie (and swimwear) - which is why husbands should ALWAYS keep the receipts!

    With regard to swimwear, I've tried on swimwear that was really really tight to wear but then soon as it got wet ballooned really baggy, so I suggest you try on all new swimwear at home in the shower (or if you've got your own pool, even better) before going on holiday with it and finding it on the other side of the pool when you come up from diving in!
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 10:39 AM by deebeelicious deebeelicious is offline
  • Old Comment
    I hate shopping for swimsuits. Give me skinny dipping (and a privacy fence )
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 10:44 AM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    You actually think Dirk bothers to read my blog???? I seriously doubt that he bothers with any of our useless discharge when he could be looking at the faces of babies which according to KC is the most fascinating and interesting thing in the world... to him.... Personally I have a 2 year old and I know she is super fun to look at....

    In any case.... they won't let you return swimwear in the US to the store.... but thanks for the tip... I have had that balloon thing happen also ( thanks for reminding me about that one) . But some swimwear is meant to be *useful* only for poolside eye candy not for actual swimming. If I am working out or actually seriously swimming, I don't really care what I am wearing as long as it is comfortable / supportive / and covers....

    As for you ost, I understand the desiarability factor of au natural, however sometimes the anticipation / excitement of receiving a present that is beautifully wrapped only adds something wonderfully positive to the whole experience
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 08:23 PM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    "As for you ost, I understand the desiarability factor of au natural, however sometimes the anticipation / excitement of receiving a present that is beautifully wrapped only adds something wonderfully positive to the whole experience"

    Yeah, but if they're going to run off screaming, I'd rather it was before my anticipation/excitement builds up
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 08:34 PM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    Okay that's your call!!!! Fair Warning!!
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 10:20 PM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    LOL! Ah, a topic every woman can relate to, the dreaded fitting of swimsuits in those too small fitting cubicles with those aweful mirrors, which always seem to add 20 pounds in the wrong places ...

    What can I say? Been there, done that. And if you want to petition the swimwear production people (or whatever you would call them) you definitely have my vote.
    Posted 02-27-2009 at 02:48 PM by asmay asmay is offline
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