Do you like soccer (or, as the rest of the world calls it, football)? Dirk does in a big way, and it has become a family affair.

Dirk's son Roland and 2 friends have started Legend Soccer Company,  developing innovative, sustainable soccer gear (and only soccer gear). Learn about Legend Soccer Company at the link above. Dirk not only endorses Legend Soccer, he's involved with it - "and not only because Roland is my son."

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Not dead yet

Posted 10-27-2008 at 04:20 PM by ani

It occurred to me that maybe I should mention I'm not dead.

I'm just kinda juggling the giant fandom project of doom plus there's a shiny new fandom dangling in front of me, plus wedding.

ergghhh plus the layout of this site is ahhh more noticeable than I'd like it to be.

Even on breaks, it doth not do to draw attention to web browsing
crazy Texan
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Oh yay Life and its funnies

Posted 09-04-2008 at 08:42 PM by ani

My best friends co-trainee is named Starbuck.

Yeah not his last name his first name.

I'm so amused,

However, I think giving a your child that name might be construed as a form of abuse

Demonstrated by the fact that he claims he has never heard of the coffee chain . . .
I say repressed trauma.
crazy Texan
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On Posting Artists Art on Forums

Posted 08-24-2008 at 09:53 AM by ani

Ok so this got asked on DBC and I thought I'd answer it in a blog, while I have time:

How do artists feel about having their art reposted in a forum?

It depends

Some artists won't care, some will react as though you killed their baby.
It all depends.

If you do re-post someone's art, generally the best thing to do is to credit the artist be name (and really it is only polite to give credit to the artist, yeah?),...
crazy Texan
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On my life now

Posted 08-24-2008 at 08:25 AM by ani

I'm sorry I've not been as active here or anywhere A-team related as much as I used to be.

I thought I'd give y'all an explanation:

See this:

I'm organizing it almost all by myself, with the exception of one aspect of it which for my own sanity I had to hand off.

I'm also still planning a wedding, and I've had some very awful RL things come up.

Which inspired this House Comic.
crazy Texan
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Posted 05-25-2008 at 10:29 AM by ani

More details on my My Livejournal but yes, he got on his knees (and ask my parent's permission last Monday), and he proposed on a trail in the woods!
crazy Texan
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