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Unease (Politics)

Posted 09-06-2008 at 07:23 PM by Nacky
Updated 09-06-2008 at 10:56 PM by Nacky
The election can't be over soon enough. After the last month and all the crap I've been dealing with, I really just can't wait till someone takes the Oval Office and we can all get back to the usual rat-race grind-stone of a life and try to live. I've been eating a little bit more but not much. So I've just watched the debates on a few boards and stayed silent about the whole Obama vs McCain war go on. The race card always being played and people (soldiers) like myself who once tried to fight for the chance to be heard; what our hearts were saying only to be made into an example of some mindset who's prone to the whole razzle-dazzle of a new leader that just happens to be black.

There's no sense in me even arguing about it anymore. I know in my heart his race had nothing to do with my views of him as leader and chief but the vast majority of McCain supporters (at least at such-n-such place) are convinced that is the case, so I might as well just join in on the chorus of 'Good Times' and let them all think that...yeah I'd vote because he's black and like wow I'm just such an Obama fan, even though, really I'm not. I don't like him any more than the other guy. I think they're both a bit untrustworthy and they do not strike me as honest men. Really, they don't. But that's just my feeling. They can say whatever they want from their own stage, with their own chatter, with their own opinions and if it's totally wrong - hey nobody can really butt in and say so without the rest having a shit fit. So I'm quite sure I won't be voting anyhow.

More unease comes in...in the last couple of days, and through the grapevine I've been dealing with other crap. Some idiot (won't name it here) has posted on some sci-fi con thing that the hurricane Gustav should have wiped out my home state. Err, it didn't even do anything but rain and flood a few low-lying bridges. i.e. Nothing happened to my home state. As a matter of fact we needed the rain. So I've still got someone out there dedicated to trying to make my life just as msierable as theirs. On the plus side, I didn't come out swinging and chasing shadows away...although I'm not doing all that well with all the anxiety and fear I have because of just alot of stuff. I suspect that won't be the last of it. So another couple of hurricanes are brewing and I'm bracing for the news of how they're stirred up because they've been moved up from some person's imagination of great power and eventually the ridiculous claim that hurricanes are out to get me. Yeah, I always come to the same phrase in my mind over and over again when I hear tell of this, and that is; should I laugh or cry? There are some real crazy folks in this fandom, I tell ya!

Okay so here's where the real unease comes in, not anything to do with that or the debates, or the Obama thing or the McCain thing but there was something that rattled me in a way because it reflected my exact thoughts back when Clinton was still in the race. There was an outline of a plan that Bush has in store. There's a suspicion by some people who have studied politics all their lives and have very informative newsletters and sites, etc, up and running and keep very close watch on Washington. The plan is that if Martial Law could be declared by some twist of fate or some horrible event, that Martial Law could be instated indefinitely and Bush could stay on as leader and chief. At this point, it is strongly put as a 'what if' only or a 'worst case scenario', but I did have that same exact thought come across my mind when Clinton/Obama were on the campaign trail and it was something that BOTH of them said at that time that made me wonder. It was something to the effect of "somebody *has* to win this election for the country to move forward". Maybe not in those exact words but it was there. Like a subtle, surreal moment of truth hidden behind the deafening applause of the audience. It was just a very eerie feeling.

Right now, Russia is rumored to have bombs pointed at somebody. There's more than just tension. There's a surpressed fear and silence from all the way around the world. And I daresay, there's definitely something dark moving, a dark string of bad luck. Hanford, Washington was the basis for the scenario in one of the newsletters I receive and spoken of as a first resort as opposed to a last resort, and sure enough, I look into that and...





I'm still trying to absorb all this. But I just wanted whoever reads to know it's there. I'm not saying the sky if falling but I'm saying, in the event that the elections are halted, I'll be preparing for that worst case scenario, myself.

So when I look at all this in one big sum, all these debates and fighting between the two parties, and the fact that they are still doing their thing and nothing seems to be happening out of the ordinary...I almost feel a sense of relief. Almost.
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