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The Drama that is Driving me........

Posted 01-26-2009 at 03:04 AM by shastastar
Updated 01-27-2009 at 11:30 AM by shastastar
Some people are just really into the drama. Some people are just really into creating the drama. I have enough drama at home with my three kids. I don't need internet drama. I don't need drama at the gym and I don't need drama with the husband.

I think that when something that is so ridiculous that is completely and totally outlandish the best thing to do is to just ignore it completely. But that is me. I have a very thick skin and a very independent head. I feel like if I respond to something that is totally outlandish, then it becomes worthy of discussion, wheras if there is no response it dies most of the time.

The more fuel you add to the fire the longer it burns. But that is me again. I don't think that it is a good thing to eat up all your time and energy thinking about / plotting / gathering an army to carry out revenge. I think that makes for a very negative life. But some people that is all they have.

They don't get thrown up on by sick kids. They don't have to check themselves for poop stains on their clothes from changing dirty diapers before they leave the house. They don't have to wash their hands a million times after they change a diaper trying to rid themselves of one little stain on their hands that causes a bad smell. They don't have laundry to do for five people. They don't have activities for kids to drive to, meetings to plan, and snacks to bring.

They don't have to try to carve out 2.5 hours a day to go to the gym and exert themselves. Instead they spew poison on the internet. And they recruit their armies.

If I can have a moment here to just rant... stop using fake IDs, anonymous IP addresses, involving other people, and stop chasing eachother around different boards / services / areas. Stop trying to get others involved.


sometimes silence speaks volumes

Okay rant over.... but seriously guys this is really dragging down all my positive energy!!!!

Just had to get it off my chest!!

Can't we just try and be grown ups and get along???? Or at least agree to disagree and not push each others buttons. Enough of this if you are friends with this person than you aren't my friend....

I am about ready to be friends with no one if this is the kind of stuff it leads to, I don't want this in the sphere of my life.

I am really sick of all of these people on the internet that do this, get over yourselves.

Engage in some drama in your real life. Take care of someone else. Perform an activity in life that makes it not all about you, and about helping others.

Or instead spread the MB gospel according to Dirk or do something else positive, then maybe just maybe if you eat enough brown rice you will get to that moment of clarity where you understand not to spew your hatred and your sickness to everyone and create drama and stir up problems that other people are then forced to clean up and deal with.

Just IMHO and kinda fed up!!! And if this makes me a target, so be it!!! I'm gonna go bike 25 miles now and when I get back I expect this mess to be cleaned up!!!! ( you know what I mean LOL) I really don't want to waste more energy on this. I want to be able to spend my time blogging on positive and spiritually uplifting things.

In the warmest spirit possible of Peace Hope Faith Love and bancha


Oh and just so you know it looks like comments aren't working right now on this, I don't know what I did to the entry to disable them, but I did something so feel free to PM me something you want posted as comment and I will copy and paste it with your userid into the blog itself
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    I certainly understand your frustration and have been down that road most certainly. I really have nothing to add to what you said save this...

    Let me make this very clear. If I discover that such immature behaviour, "this side vs. that side" member recruitment is happening behind the scenes, I will be dealing with it. And swiftly.
    I encourage everyone here to re-read the forum rules and regulations, as well as our Terms of Service.

    To put it another way. This place is on MY dime, so if you can't play nice, leave my sandbox. Or I'll remove you myself.

    You have a problem with someone here? Deal with it away from here. Or block that person. Or better yet do whas shastastar recommends, and stay silent. Play nice, or don't play here at all.

    It's the internet for crying out loud. It's not like the person you don't like is the pesky neighbor next door you have to deal with in real life everyday.
    Give your heads a shake, shake it off, and move on to something more productive.

    Nuff said.


    Let me just say that if it wasn't for the hard work and dedication of Warrior and Dawg, this place wouldn't be here at all. So consider this...this place doesn't run itself. These folks works their BUTTS OFF to provide YOU, the reader/participant, with a pleasant place to share/learn/converse/joke around, etc. We all have lives, commitments, real life worries, etc. so our time here is donated for YOUR benefit, entertainment.
    Please don't make us have done all of this in vain, and please don't make our job any harder/time consuming than it already is.

    Now I'm done.
    Posted 01-26-2009 at 01:14 PM by
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