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A blogging challenge

Posted 05-20-2008 at 06:26 AM by Zilfstar
Well there is a challenge for me! Writing my first blog and in another language! But it is tempting so here I go… If you find any grammatical hick-ups, please do not hesitate to correct me. It will improve my English. (I am Dutch by the way)

I guess the best way to make my Blog-debute is writing why I want to blog at all. And why here.

To begin with that first question: Blogging feels like a tribute to life for me. A way to express feelings and thoughts, share them with others, encouraging others to do it as well and maybe even come to in-depth discussions about the topics at hand. I have noticed there is a “comments” section.

Of course I will be the first to say feelings are never a topic of discussion. Feelings are feelings and only the one person who has that particular feeling is responsible of and for it. You can have questions about them as an outsider, but you can never deny them or alter them. That is up to the owner him or herself. You can forget they are there and attack them, but that is not the way to treat another person.

Thoughts however can be discussed about. If done carefully without harming the feelings attached to it. Personally I like a good talk about heavy topics, the topics of live so to speak. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Does chance exist or destiny?

Sharing my personal feelings and thoughts, topics is a way of expression. I can do that by blogging. I am also a theatrical writer with a religious base. I have written several poetry about biblical figures and stories. I have written a church play about the three most important Mary’s. As I write this the opportunity has occurred that it will be used with Easter 2009. And I am writing a theatrical monologue starring Mary of Magdala.

All my writings are a way of celebrating life. My life in particular and that of all of us here on this little planet called Earth. There was a moment in my life I thought I was dying. Actually, in fact and absolutely dying. How many people have survived a car-to-train crash? I do not know exactly but I am one of the few who did. And I did it not alone, but 8 months with child. And we were fine. Bruised but OK. And that is the moment when I started to wonder: Why am I here? Why did I survive?

Maybe one of the reasons is me blogging. Who knows? You will never know when you will say or do something that inspires, rescues or saves somebody, a life or a spirit.

The second question is why blog here? Like I said the challenge of writing in another language than my own is fun. And why not blog on the site of a person who, as little as he knows, saved my live a few times.

Was it not for his charismatic role as Starbuck that I started to believe in the ‘gospel’ of the Galactica that one can nourish hope in the face of total despair? So my bullied time as a young child and teenager at school became the dark universe I had to fly out finding my own Earth, my own future?
Was it not for his role as Face that I watched the A-team every time? So when that train came from the right I had the instant reflex to turn my car along side the train in the hope (anticipation?) it would stop in time before crashing against the side of the train, just like the stuntman did in the A-team?
Was it not for his words, carefully and long thought about, written down on the front page of his book while signing it for me, that made me realize All is yin and yang, but we do not have to forget to chew? We have to think about things, why we are doing the things we do? Why we are thinking, writing, feeling the things we are thinking, writing, feeling? Not to mention thinking about what to eat and not to eat.
These are three important ways he rescued and shaped my life. I am not idolising him or worshiping him. It is fact that he came into my life, by TV or books or personal contact, every time at exactly the right moment. Giving me that what was needed to change direction.

So blogging here is also like a tribute to an in so may ways inspiring man who never choose to became a celebrity, but by becoming one, touched my life. And I can only hope that by sharing my stories, thoughts and feelings I can touch one life. One life is enough to pay it forward what Dirk gave me. And maybe I will touch that one life by writing theatrical plays. Or poetry. Or a blog. Who knows?

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