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ojai22 06-12-2021 03:58 PM

Re: "Quotables"
The wind is at your back
But it won't matter
If you don't raise your sails.


ojai22 09-23-2021 06:16 PM

Re: "Quotables"
We look forward to the time
When the Power of Love
Will replace the Love of Power.
Then will our world know
The blessings of Peace.

-William Ewart Gladstone

ojai22 09-23-2021 06:19 PM

Re: "Quotables"
I can think of no more stirring g symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine.

-Kurt Vonnegut

ojai22 09-23-2021 06:27 PM

Re: "Quotables"
Oliver Wendell Holmes attended a meeting
In which he was the shortest man present.

Dr. Holmes, quipped a friend, I should think you'd feel rather small
Among us big fellows.

I do, retorted Holmes. I feel like a dime among a lot of pennies.

ojai22 09-23-2021 06:32 PM

Re: "Quotables"
Beauty without Grace
Is a hook without a bait.

-Nixon de l'Enclos

ojai22 12-09-2021 02:25 PM

Re: "Quotables"
Don't let loneliness make you connect with toxic people. Don't drink poison just because you're thirsty.

Tom Hardy

ojai22 12-27-2021 07:59 PM

Re: "Quotables"
YOU have been assigned this
Mountain to show others
It. Can. Be. Moved.


ojai22 01-01-2022 04:26 PM

Re: "Quotables"

I wasn't born here. But I have a love for this country and its people that knows no bounds. I will forever be grateful to America for going into World War II, when it had nothing to gain, in a country that was far away and rescued my mother from the Nazi German concentration camps. She is alive and I am alive because of America. And, if you have a problem with America, you have a problem with me.

ojai22 01-01-2022 04:28 PM

Re: "Quotables"


The ultimate mystery of humankind
of this world
and of the universe
is Woman.

The ultimate fate of humankind
of this world
and of the universe
is in the 'Fire of Woman.'

Robert Morning Sky

Also see:


ojai22 01-11-2022 03:47 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"A thousand poets dreamed
a thousand years and you
were born, my love."

Rex Harrison to
Linda Darnell in
'Unfaithfully Yours.'

ojai22 01-11-2022 04:05 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"Sometimes enemies
are our best teachers, people
can learn from their
mistakes, destruction sometimes
means rebirth."

Keanu Reeves

ojai22 01-15-2022 05:08 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"It is possible
for ordinary people
to choose to be

Elon Musk

ojai22 01-15-2022 05:14 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"I am Thankful to all
of those who said NO
to me. It's because of
them I am doing it


Albert Einstein

ojai22 01-15-2022 05:17 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"It is never too late
to be what you might
have been."

George Eliot

ojai22 01-15-2022 05:21 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

ojai22 01-18-2022 10:44 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"Anything that gets
your blood rising is
probably worth doing."

Hunter S. Thompson

ojai22 01-18-2022 10:47 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"I loved her not for the way
she danced with my angels
but for the way her name
could silence my demons."

Christopher Poindexter

ojai22 01-18-2022 10:50 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"If you expect the world to be fair
with you because you are fair,
you're fooling yourself. That's like
expecting the lion to not eat you
because you didn't eat him."


ojai22 01-18-2022 10:51 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"Nothing haunts us like
the things we don't say."

Mitch Albom

ojai22 01-18-2022 10:53 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"She's mad but she's magic.
There's no lie in her fire."

Charles Bukowski

ojai22 01-18-2022 10:56 PM

Re: "Quotables"
"It is a risk to love,

what if it doesn't work out?

Ah, but what if it does?

Peter McWilliams

ojai22 01-23-2022 12:17 AM

Re: "Quotables"
"Courage is not having the strength
to go on; it is going on when you
don't have the strength."

--Theodore Roosevelt

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