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John Pickard 09-05-2011 04:39 PM

Registration Requirements
Greetings, ye who ponder joining Dirk's Works!

In addition to being Dirk Benedict's official website, this is the place many of Dirks' biggest fans from all over the world call home; a community of people drawn together by their appreciation of a fine actor and great human being - Dirk Benedict. Dirk's Works is the discussion forum of Dirk Benedict Central, where we gather to discuss all things Dirk, his future projects, past work, his books, etc. We share recipes, experiences, photographs... In short, this is where it's happening.

And if you want to participate in these discussions, you need to be a registered member. In the message that appears near the top of the page, there is a "register" link that will take you through the process. There are a few things you need to know before you do:

First of all, please register ONLY if you want to participate in the discussions going on. If all you want to do is "lurk" and just read the posts or view the site's content, there is no need to register for a membership because all our content is available to the public. But please remember that all our content is copyrighted material and its use outside this website is prohibited without our express permission (Legal).

Also, before you register you should read the rules, because by registering you are agreeing to them:


There is nothing truly restrictive; as you can see, they haven't changed in years!

When you register, we prefer you use your ISP email - this is the email account that your Internet Service Provider gave you when you signed up for their service. Doing so helps immeasurably our ability to sort between real, interested people and those malevolent lowlifes who would spam our forums with their illegal pharmaceuticals, pornography, and malware.

We don't permit that kind of activity here.

Because of the spammers, all registrations at Dirk's Works are approved manually, by me. I look at every one of them, as kind of a final check that the registrant is a real human being and isn't going to spam us. This means I probably won't be able to approve your registration moments after you make it, but rest assured I will - usually within 24 hours. Be aware, though, that if you do register with an email from one of the "free" web services, particularly Gmail or AOL, approval may be delayed. (Gmail and AOL have been particularly bad with the sheer number of spammers who use their services, which means I have to dig a little deeper to verify those email addresses).

I reserve the right to completely ban new registrations from the free webmail services if the volume of spam registrations gets bad.

Notifications are sent when I approve a new membership, and they are sent from the dirkbenedictcentral.com domain. Please be aware that if your ISP has an overzealous spam filter this message might wind up in your Spam folder; please either add dirkbenedictcentral.com to your approved senders list, or check that folder if more than 24 hours passes and you don't get a response.

There is one other thing you should keep in mind: as you see in the Rules, we want our members to participate on our forums. So, please make a point to say hello - either create a new thread or just jump into one of the existing conversations. You'll find a bunch of people happy to see you, and more than happy to include you!

Welcome to Dirk's Works!

John Pickard
Owner/Webmaster, DirkBenedictCentral.com

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