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Default Re: Major Dirk News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Beverly View Post
Hi Iambarry, I printed off a movie list of Dirk off of Dirk Benedict Central. It's the first one listed and states his character was Douglas "Doug" Burnett. Believe it or not I found the same movie Strike and it listed Dirk playing 3 different characters.

I think someone did a big boo boo at my expense. The movie I ordered was very good, but I was disappointed Dirk was not in it. Some of the web sites needs to be more careful on what they say Dirk played in. Now I have another question. Can I buy Golden Zeiten and Recon 7 to be shipped to my home, or do I have to join a web site and pay a monthly fee to watch them like a couple of other of his movies. Thank you so much for your help. Beverly Perkins
OK - I see the confusion here. "Strike!" was the working title for "Goldene Zeiten" - it's the same movie. So when you ordered "Strike!" they sent you a different film than the one you thought you were ordering.

Myself, I'd search for Goldene Zeiten and Recon 7; my feeling is that if they're available on home video (and I'm pretty sure at least one of them is), Amazon would have it listed.

There are no doubt other sites that would have the movies, too - anyone else have any suggestions?

Originally Posted by Beverly View Post
I am new at this. How do you post a picture on this site and what is threads. I would appreciate any help on that and how to use it. Thanks!
Beverly Perkins
USA, Tenn
OK - a quick basic message board tutorial sounds in order.

It helps if you think of a message board like a family tree - the trunk is the message board, each branch is a forum, which can split into smaller branches (sub-forums), and then each leaf is a unique conversation (or "thread").

So: Dirk's Works is the message board for Dirk Benedict Central, and the message board is made up of forums like "Website Updates," "Cruises and Conventions," etc. Each forum can also have sub-forums, which act to break out more specific topics from the overall forum subject.

Within each forum are the individual conversations that fall within the subject matter of the forum. Those conversations are made up of the string of individual posts - A "Thread" of conversation of one specific topic. This Thread is the "Major Dirk News!!!!!!!!!!" thread.

So - you are posting in the "Major Dirk News!!!!!!!!!!!" thread of the "Movie and TV work reviews" sub-forum of the "Dirk Benedict" forum of this message board.

And what it's doing here I have no idea.......

I mentioned this morning that there are a couple of message board "tricks" you can use to bring attention to a specific question. One of those "tricks" is to create a new thread when you have a question or want to introduce a new topic that hasn't been covered before. To do that, simply choose the appropriate forum (or sub-forum), and use the "Topic" button at the upper left. That takes you to a different screen, where you enter the subject you want to discuss, and an area where you can type your message.

To post an image in an existing thread, use the "Reply" button at the bottom of the page rather than the "Quick Reply" box. It takes you to the same screen you get when starting a new topic (thread), which includes a "Manage Attachments" area where you can upload an image. (Be sure to keep the image appropriate for family viewing, of course.)

Originally Posted by Beverly View Post
Dirk is never coming back home to the USA is he. How long has he been in the UK. I know he has had work and his son plays ball. But, his fan of over 35 years misses him. All I get is the computer. I miss him and his wonderful personality so much. He makes me laugh and I need that. I am very ill. Just wanted the UK to know how lucky you are.
Beverly, Tenn (again) lol
Dirk has had a string of appearances in Great Britain, and his son is playing soccer in Europe (and doing quite well by all reports), which has kept him in Europe longer than we might have anticipated (but he's only been there for a few months). However, Dirk's home is here, and he is scheduled to appear here in the States in the near future.

Boy, that was a long post - and I certainly hope it helped.

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