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Default Re: I get Yin and Yang...

Oh yeah, difficult. I've been wondering for a while now, if a Macro and a non-Macro can seriously live together and can both get from their diet what they want (which is a question I'd love to ask Dirk). Sometimes I think it's impossible. Starting with completely different cooking/seasoning methods to cooking two different meals for two people...arrggghhh. I haven't managed yet, as much as I'd like to. Maybe it's possible, if you're an enthusiastic cook, but I'm not and so it's really difficult.

I've just made a new start at getting into it and hope we can work it out. Hubby has more or less retired now and he's doing a lot of the cooking, which is great, but his style is far away from anything macro. And he loves his meat. So, well known problem, but who has the answer?? I don't, at least not yet...
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