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Default Forum rules

Please read before joining


The Golden Rule: We here at DB Central do not tolerate trolling of any kind. If you don't like Dirk Benedict, you shouldn't be here. Period. This board is for fans of Dirk Benedict to mingle and share information in a positive atmosphere.

1. No posting of anyone’s personal information including IP addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, mailing address, family names, or the like. You do that, you're gone. No reprieves.

2. Use your normal handle. Duplicate/multiple handles are not allowed and will result in being banned. If you try to join under a "blank" profile ( meaning just your name and no other information, or a gender neutral handle ) you will be removed.

3. Plotting or scheming for the mere purpose of causing disruption to the board will also get you banned. This includes but is not limited to impersonating others, cloning someone's identity, spreading unsubstantiated rumors without backing up your statements, engaging in conduct primarily designed to create a disturbance, making hostile references to a member's family, or issuing threats or ultimatums to gain concessions. Any disruptive behavior deemed too troublesome for the moderator staff will also get you banned at the sole discretion of the administrator or any active moderator.

4. Intentionally lying is also a bannable offense. About DB, the staff or members. Period.

5. No whining to the moderator. If someone is picking on you, settle it off the boards.

6. Bringing disputes from other boards/lists/groups of any kind to Dirk's Works is a bannable offense, on a case by case basis. If you have a problem with a forum member on another board, please deal with it in private and off the DBC boards. Our PM system is not a private battleground for arguements that belong elsewhere. Warnings will be issued for infractions of this rule, and continual rule breaks may result in a 24 hour suspension of forum priviledges. Further infractions could result in longer suspensions and possible banning from the forums.

7. Our members are expected to participate to some degree. Any new member who does not post an introduction/greeting or otherwise contribute to a conversation within a couple of weeks of registration is likely to find their membership deleted.

The Dirk's Works Administration