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Default Re: Supanova Sydney 2009

I know this is a site for Dirk, and I did meet him while at SN in Sydney, and he was very lovely, and I have one pic of him at the end of these photos, but not an excellent shot however, I was distracted by my hero and good friend, (whom I got to meet for the first time in person),Richard Hatch who was also at SN.
Here are the first of some shots of Richard Hatch and myself from Super Nova Sydney!
Hope you like them, as much as I enjoyed having the pics taken with adorable Apollo!

Richard invited me to sit with him and chat while he signed for fans, after he did for me as well on both days, while I was at the con hall.

Richard said something funny while gazing at me with those unforgetable beautiful eyes of his....(I was almost near to just melting into a puddle ...I tell you!) I did pull a slightly surprised expression...Richard is just he best person and soul!

More snuggles....sigh :-*

Still smiling....couldn't stop with all his heart melting compliments and hugs, kisses and hand holding.. (faints.....THUD!)
I had just the best time in my life!!
Here's a few more of the dashing Capatain and his adoring

Richard and I decided to have a snooze leaning upon eachother....we needed a few microns beauty blinked just as the camera snapped..

As you can see we awoke feeling refreshed and looking very happy! Ready to pose again...LOL (who knew a couple of microns nap could be so satisfying....LOL!! Richard we must do that again! )

Here's a few characters I snapped while waiting in the fracking long que to get into the Olympic Dome for the SN Con...Correct me, but are these looking like Bounty Hunters? Don't ask me what the girl in blue is...LOL...

And here is the first cylon I ran into...a somewhat rather humanoid! He told me when I had a little chat with the guy under the mask that he was running inbetween gigs...that's why he waasn't in a full costume of a cylon...nice guy, really friendly..for a cylon that is..LOL!

And here's a quick snap I took of Herb who was next to Richard. As you can see in the moment he's looking a little serious, I think he was just keeping an eye on that cylon for me...Herb was probably thinking to himself..."If that cylon moves one loose circuit out of place, I'm gonna fry him with my hidden blaster!"

Now I must apologise for the this crappy shot of Dirk, I'm afraid I just couldn't get a decent one of him, as he was sitting a dark corner of the room, and here he 's in mid conversation with a fan. He was so sweet to talk to when I went to get a autograph. I was asked to get one for a friend of mine, and he mistook the name I wanted him to sign his photo to for my name, and referred to me as that name, and typical of his Starbuck nature, Dirk says to me cheekily, "Can I have your phone number, with a sound of optimism in his voice?"
OMG!!!! I nearly giggled all the way down to the floor! LOL!! After I corrected him on what my actual name is, we had a little chat about what we do...Jeesh...He's not satisfied with Cassie or Athena , he's flirting with a Siress as well??? HA! Such a great guy!
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