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Default Re: Dirk 2009 Convention Schedule

Originally Posted by Sharon View Post
I would be so lucky to go! My husband said, use the air miles and have a good time! I laughed because all i had to say was "guess who's coming to Winnipeg in Oct.? He knew right away, lol....I hope to bring a friend with me...don't like to travel somewhere by myself if I haven't been there before....I hope to meet up with would be a great time!
I am feeling a little better, thanks for and fluids...!
Take care everyone, hugs to all!
There's some pretty cool things to see in Winnipeg since the convention center is downtown, it's close to alot of cool stuff. I'm planning on maybe staying the weekend in the city with my daughter and taking in a day at the convention and another day of shopping. Make it a girls weekend.
Only problem's on Halloween, which makes it a bit tricky ( pardon the pun ).
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