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Default Re: Survey: A Day With a Fictional Character

Okay. Ready. Set. Here we go.

Day 1 - character 1:
My fictional character = Lieutenant Starbuck of Blue Squadron
My friends and I were all Cadets at the Flight Academy on board of the Galactica. We had studied very hard for the past couple of years and had all made the choice to become Viper pilots. We were extra motivated to start this week, since we would get training from the very best pilots on board of the fleet. They were all part of Blue Squadron and off course we all knew who they were: Captain Apollo, Lieutenant Boomer and Lieutenant Starbuck.
We started our training with some theoretical sessions from the three pilots. While my friends couldn’t stop swooning over their good looks, I kept focusing on what they were actually trying to teach us. They were all very experienced pilots and I was eager to learn from the very best. So I listened intently and asked as much questions as I possibly could.
After the theoretical part of the day, there was a small break. My friends were still busy talking about the guys and giggling like school girls. I started to feel the odd one out and started to wonder why my friends wanted to become pilots in the first place. Were they just looking for excuses to get close to these guys? Was I the only one who really wanted to learn how to fly and was stoked to be taught by the best pilots of the entire fleet?
“Are you already daydreaming about what it’s like to fly a Viper?”
I was startled and didn’t realize I had indeed been daydreaming. My giggling friends had all left me standing in the middle of the room to get something to drink and I hadn’t noticed that Starbuck came up to talk to me. I turned a shade of red and felt completely embarrassed.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to tell you that I admire your dedication to become a pilot. You’ve been very focused before and asked just the right questions. You kind of reminded me of myself when I was about your age.”
Somehow I started to relax as he talked to me and I told him just how badly I really wanted to become a pilot. We had a very nice talk, but I could see my friends getting slightly jealous that I was talking to Starbuck. I had heard all about his flirty reputation before, but I also knew he was dating Cassiopeia, one of our medtechs. I always thought they looked very cute together as a couple and so I wasn’t about to start flirting with Starbuck. Instead, I found it very nice to be able to just talk to him about flying. We ended up talking all through the break.
The second part of our training was virtually learning how to fly by using a computer program. Basically we had to use the knowledge we just learned that very morning. Since my friends had been doing nothing but pay attention, they ended up failing their first flying tests while I succeeded.
“You’re acing these tests,” Starbuck said. “I was right from the start. You are truly meant to become a pilot. Apollo and Boomer both agree with me. You’ll go far. You might even make it to Blue Squadron very soon.”
I thanked him for the lovely compliment and said I would be eager to learn how to fly from the very best. He mentioned that I would be rewarded for my hard work and said he would be honored to teach me some more flying techniques.
By the afternoon, we were divided into small groups. Some groups got more theory at first and my friends were all send to that group. Some groups were doing more virtual training, but I was allowed to really fly my very first time in a Viper. Only three students were allowed to do this and we all got our personal instructor. My instructor was Starbuck and so I got to spend a fantastic afternoon learning all sorts of techniques and tricks from him. I was super excited to be able to fly by myself while he shared his experience as a pilot with me. This was by far the best part of my training. As we finally headed back to the Galactica, I was dead tired but very grateful. We became great friends ever since that day and Starbuck has been guiding me as a pilot ever since.
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