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Default Re: Survey: A Day With a Fictional Character

Day 1: Character 1: Kyle Hanson.

As the sun was rising in the east, I woke up in my bed and got dressed for my job at the office. It was to be a normal day. Normal accounting tasks to keep me busy. On my way to lunch, I bumped into a guy walking to the nearest diner. It turns out his name was Kyle.
As we were waiting in line to be seated at the diner, I asked him what brought him into town. He was really quiet and responded with a shrug. The hostess came over to us and said that she only had one table available and asked if we would mind sharing. Seeing no objections from either of us, she led us over to the table to have lunch together. This was beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Here’s one of our adventures together…

One weekend, we decided to go camping. As Kyle preferred the outdoors, it seemed the most sensible solution. We started the weekend by cooking fish over the campfire and drinking a beer. We sat in silence, enjoying the sounds of nature. As the sun was setting and the temperature began to cool off, we decided to settle in our sleeping bags and get some sleep.
The next morning, we rose to a clear blue sky and warming temps. We decided to have some oatmeal for breakfast and then go on an adventure hiking through the woods. As we were about half-way down the trail, we ran into a family who was also camping. The young girl ran over to her father and hid behind his legs. She peeked out at Kyle while her father was explaining about losing their fishing poles in the river. Kyle walked over to a tree, pulled out his knife, and fashioned a spear. Then he went to the river to go fishing. The father joined him and together they spear-headed two fish. The mother and I cleaned the fish for supper and cooked them over their campfire. The three of them were very hungry and devoured the fish.
When we were cleaning up, I noticed some marshmallows and asked the young girl if she had ever toasted a marshmallow before. She shook her head no. I found two forks with the kitchen utensils and brought them over to the fire along with the bag of marshmallows. I showed the young girl how to put a marshmallow on the fork and hold it just right over the fire to get the marshmallow nice and gooey, and just a bit toasted. She pulled the marshmallow off and put it in her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk and she giggled as she ate the marshmallow.
Once the marshmallow was gone, she walked over to Kyle and asked him to tell her a story. He looked at her for a couple of minutes and then finally nodded his head. She climbed up on his lap and laid her head on his chest. He looked uncomfortable for a moment, and then began to rub her back in a soothing motion.
He said that a couple of years ago he met the A-team while he was in a town in South Dakota. They helped him out of a jam. He asked the young girl if she had ever heard of the A-team. She said, “yes, Murdock is my favorite. He’s so goofy.” As Kyle told her more details from his encounter, her eyes drifted close. Soon she was fast asleep. He carried her over to the family’s tent and laid her inside. Then he came back to the fire and joined the rest of the adults who were having a drink. After finishing the drink, we hiked back to our campsite. It was a relief to finally be able to lay down and relax as we both drifted off to sleep.
The next day, Kyle woke up at the crack of dawn. He packed up some of our supplies and waited for me to awaken. Then we hiked back over to the other family to share our stuff. The young girl was sitting next to her mother. She smiled and waved at Kyle when she saw him walking towards her. Since it was almost noon, we prepared a feast with the combination of supplies. There was lots of laughter as we ate and got to know each other better. In the early afternoon, Kyle said we needed to get going and plucked a dandelion from the ground to give to the young girl. He gave her a hug as he said goodbye and we headed back to our campsite. It was time to pack up and head to our individual homes. It was a great weekend. I couldn’t believe it was over already!
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