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Default The Benedict Birthdays 2009

Although Dirk's and his sons' birthdays are not international holidays (yet) , perhaps once Macrobiotics becomes the standard worldwide diet that cures disease and leads to greater world peace and happiness they will be celebrated as holidays....

During our Friday happy hour chat today it was decided that we needed a new thread to wish Dirk, George, and Roland a happy birthday from all of us. It seems I was nominated to start the thread, and that I should write Dirk a birthday poem. I however decided on my own to spare you all my useless drivel and just say a heartfelt Happy Birthday.

I hope the Benedict / Niewoehner guys all have great birthdays ( one at this this point belated), enjoy themseleves, and enter into this next year of their lives with all of our best wishes.

In the spirit of Peace Hope Faith Love and Bancha

Happy Birthday to the original Kamakaze Cowboys!!

Run and imagine yourself like a tree in the wind, flexing bending flowing with the same motion as the wind. Imagine your arms as branches harnessing the wind and adding to your power. Imagine your legs like the trunk firmly anchored yet moving slowly subtly reacting to your environment, standing strong but not fighting the surrounding. Working where you are planted to grow and flourish no matter what the conditions are. Using the talents blessed unto you by your creator

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