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Wink Re: The Benedict Birthdays 2009

Happy Birthday Dirk,

I'd like to wish you continued good health and happiness today on your special day and always.

Hope you are having fun in florida, don't forget to say "Hi" to the forever young mouse !! LOL

I see my cheeky son Benj has already been on today and sent you his birthday wishes.

Cheeky he never told me, He sang "Happy Birthday" to the first bright star out last night for you. Ahh,

And on Saturday he won a Man of the Match performance at his footie/soccer match which he said was for you, he played out of his skin. His team won 3-0.

Kids ! Don't you just love them, I love my boy, wouldn't be without him

Thankyou for all the joy you bring into his life, I hope the peace and joy you give others by just being you comes back to you in abundance.

Benjamin is saving up to buy you another cigar next time you visit the UK so don't be a stranger.

Take Care of yourself, (thats an order from all of us who care.)
Kind Regards Jo
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