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Default Re: Earthstorm on Sci Fi tomorrow

As part of my continuing effort to be more positive and less cynical rather than writing a review... I created a drinking game which I think if followed would make the movie truly enjoyable... Dirk doesnt even appear until a half hour in ( if watched with commercials on Sci-FI) so feel free to start watching a half hour in. If you start drinking from the beginning of the piece, if followed properly the drinking game player would be good and lit bye the time they see Dirk for the first time so pick your preference.

drink when you hear anyone say any kind of scientific term
drink twice if it is mispronounced, ( fissure is mispronounced throughout),
drink three times when the scientific term in unintelligible or if it sounds like it is being said by the actor for the first time and they are sounding it out like a small child learning to read
drink when you hear any of the characters repeat another characters name
drink when you hear any kind of odd accent from the red head
drink when dirk has a different suit or tie on than he did in the previous scene
drink every time they show the fake moon
drink every time they cut to CGI
drink every time they cut to that family cheering
drink every time they show a meteor
drink every time someone says roger that or copy
drink every time they show all the random green lights in mission control
drink every time you hear music
drink every time the pilot ladys face turns pinkish red
drink if you can determine anything intelligible that dirk is writing on the clear board that they keep shooting him behind near the end

Cheers people and feel free to add other things to drink at.....
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