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Default Re: Earthstorm on Sci Fi tomorrow

Well DeeBee since you asked......( or maybe you didn't and this morning I am just urgently wanting to write all of this)

That is so funny that you thought it was a US accent thing, no that's not a US accent thing... its a "I have never heard these words in conversation and was told that "fissure" is pronounced fishyour.... and I must pronounce everything else phoneticly like a six year old would when they are learning to read because I have no idea how these words are pronounced and no internet access nor any idea how to use a dictionary to figure it out"

OMG..... no dirk was fine..he sounded normal and pulled off his scientific terms (because at that point I was paying attention to how they pronounced everything)... except the wardrobe changes.... what was the motivation for changing his clothes every five minutes???? The guy that was the crazy good engineer was good also.... all the rest of them were vacant morons

I couldn't tell whether he was scrawling MATH / formulas / or what it was but I want to ask him now if I ever meet him. I am going to pause the TIVO and look closely when I am not so tired / bored and see if I can tell.

And as far as the shuttle... so many innacuracies there. Like the fact that in reality all the astronauts are all on their backs for launch and the video feed shows that, it doesnt show them upright ( like this movie does). Like the fact that their masks are put down and their oxygen is secured by the preflight crew that leaves the shuttle before launch. Like the fact that she was piloting the shuttle with the stick during launch, when in fact that is all auto controlled. Like the fact that they stated they launched in Houston ( because that is where the hurrricane was) when in fact there is NO LAUNCH PAD in Houston. The only place they launch is Cape Canaveral, they could maybe launch at Johnson in CA or maybe at WhiteSands NM but for geologic reasons for where mission control is at Johnson Space Center Houston TX they cannot launch there. Like the fact that they have back up mission control centers all over the world and at least three backups within the US alone (there is one in Australia and one with the European Space Agency) in case of power failures like that so that they don't run into that, and all those backups have people monitoring 24 /7 so that if the power goes out they don't lose communication with the shuttle and the people that take over mission control know exactly what is going on. Also they wouldn't put nukes in the shuttle like that even in an emergency because well I can't really say why... but they wouldn't.....

And like the fact that the shuttle is NO WHERE NEAR that manueverable in it's current configuration. I know way too many people that work at NASA and the shuttle cannot manuever like that...I was willing to suspend all of that ( and a lot more bad science) because it would be cool if the shuttle could actually move like that it doesn't it moves like a turtle, because the course course corrections they have to do are small precise and slow. The shuttle really only runs its engines to maintain orbit, most of the time it is coasting in orbit on earths gravity ( like a car in neutral)

I could go on but there is really no reason to... I think I made my point... I would call this movie "fantasy fiction" more than science fiction because there really is no science involved. No wonder our children don’t really understand anything about actual science / engineering.

And Dirk did a great job as a government scientist, and that is a tough job because you have to walk a fine line between what is proven or the prevailing thought and what you discover as you go along. It's very tough to get the US government to go along with new ideas. For example, NASA hasn't done anything to improve upon the shuttle really since the 1980s???? That's almost 30 years now, why don't we have anything better???? The avionics ( internal electronics ) have been improved and updated but the basic materials / functions of the shuttle haven't changed. It was envisioned under president Carter first launched under president Reagan.... Why isn't there anything new or better??? The shuttle's replacement has been delayed yet again.... the shuttle was supposed to be retired by now.... Okay Rant over

Since you asked Deebee (HUGS) Okay so this is long enough to be a blog but has nothing to do with MACROBIOTICS.....

In the warmest Spirit of Peace Love Hope Faith and Bancha

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