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Default Re: Earthstorm on Sci Fi tomorrow

I think you are calling me out as a geek here so thanks I appreciate that!!!! I think everybody important on this site all ready was aware of my geek like status....

I was not going to pause it to check the math, but rather to see if it was even math or formualic equations at all. I agree with you that he was probably copying some formula from that piece of paper in his hand on to the board, but if he wrote something like else funny, it would be awesome to catch that.

And No DeeBee of course you aren't a geek, but should you ever consider yourself in that category.... Hatch and his friends have a new dating site for geeks / fangirls / fanboys called you may want to check out.


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Originally Posted by deebeelicious View Post
I wonder who the writers were - I should IMDB them, and make sure I avoid any other 'science' fiction movies they write.
Agree the crazy good engineer was the only other credibly portrayed character.

Re: clearboard - LOL - only a geek would tivo pause it and study it to check his maths! (I think it was some integration calculus - I assumed Dirk was copying it from the white paper he had in his hand - not that I paused it or anything - not that I'm a geek or anything!
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