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Default Re: Earthstorm on Sci Fi tomorrow

Originally Posted by deebeelicious View Post
I'm impressed with your dedication in checking Dirk's gravitational calculus!
LOL - somehow I don't think the director/props guys gave that stuff to him!
DeeBee gravitational attraction between two objects is a very basic formula that does not need to be within the realm of calculus. The concept that the graviational force between two objects is related to the mass of each object and the objects proximity to one another can be solved through basic math. So it wasn't a calculus formula persay that was up there on the clear board.

The formula is derived from Newton's other formulas via multivariable differential and integral calculus. However, it is not necessary to know how to work deriviatives and integrals to solve this most basic equation. It is a basic formula that is accessible to everyone with knowledge of division and how to plug numbers into a formula.

That was the only one that I was able to spot as real, there were others as well that looked real, that was just the only one that caught my eye, where immediately I knew what formula it was. I welcome you or anyone who spends there spare time in their hobbies solving basic or complex physics questions with or without the aid of calculus or pre-derived formulas to pause this movie on those scenes and see if you can come up with anything. We could develop a whole library of equations that were up on the clear board in Earthstorm. That would make for a fun weekend chat that would probably bore everyone except the two of us to tears LOL

Now who wins the title of geek queen of DBC???? I think it's a draw ROFL

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