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Unhappy Re: Dirk 2009 Convention Schedule

Originally Posted by shastastar View Post
did anyone go to the recent collectors show in Burbank??? I heard that Dirk was there even though it wasnt posted anywhere here that he was going to be there. ...Or have pictures from Burbank?? Post LOL
The Hollywood Collectors Show ( posted Dirk and Richard's name as last minute attendees on Thursday night before the show started on Oct. 3 (I think). I went the next day, but was later than intended, trying to get a CD of photos made up for an actress, and you just *know* the computer kept crashing and such, right? Herb was there and I think I saw signs of the other two, but Dirk had split by that time (according to one of the guys who runs the show). Was he or was he not there? Don't know. Didn't get to talk to Herb as he split when I turned around. sigh.

Herb and I keep missing each other, with me trying to get some original negs from BSG office to him. Possibly because he *was* there is why they pulled in the other two. (But according to others, he wasn't, so now I'm really confused.)

I tried to post on several Yahoo groups, but no one posted it, so didn't know how else to get the word out. Then realized I really needed to be back here on Dirk's site. Sorry, guys.

They have shows every 3 months, four times a year. check the above URL and keep up with them, and especially the last week as many celebs can't confirm until then.

Love it when a plan... well you know.

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