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Default Re: Where would U go this Summer Holiday...and WHY?

Hello to ALL !
Been abit busy too! However I did take time out to try again to find videos / pics of Dirk in UK ( and not having any luck ) but I did come across these from 2003 ( funny and Dirk is soo sweet-he runs up into the audience to give a lady a hug ! ).....

and if these don't work...go to and type in "dirk benedict 2010" and hit search-the videos should come up in a list.....
2003 So Graham Norton - Dirk Benedict part 1 of 2

2003 So Graham Norton - Dirk Benedict part 2 of 2

2003 T4 - Dirk Benedict.- Battlestar Galactica plug

....among many others.

Enjoy !

Take Care & Hugs to ALL,

PS Apologies if this is not the thread where they should have been posted....
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