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Default Re: Where would U go this Summer Holiday...and WHY?

Hi Sue and Carob! *waves*
Carob...are those clips / vids from "your collection"? If so, then...Thank YOU! *wink*
Sue...where would I go this summer? How about you come here and enjoy the cold-n-snow and I will go there and enjoy the warmer temps-n-NO SNOW?!...LOL...Actually the temps have been warmer-n-no more snow...but...we will prob see alittle more snow before it's totally done. I added some pics to my profile of my parents house in Feb.
Oh, and I agree 110%...we def can use some "NEW eyecandy"!! *giggles*
And I think I just may be having an "eyecandy deficiency"! *wink*
I would LOVE to be able to go to the UK and see at least 1 show!!! *SIGHS*
Take Care & Hugs to ALL,
Note: Sorry for the "written-in" smilies...posting this on my cell and I'm not that "skilled" at adding smilies to posts, emails and texts...LOL

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