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Default Re: Major Dirk News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, got to see it on Tuesday, and bumped into Elaine too, LOL!
Nice venue, just opp Windsor Castle, so had a nice stroll around there beforehand.

It was really good to see Dirk on stage, esp at the end with the bow, he and the others looked really happy (perhaps they were happy it was over! ) Really glad he's back there, where he started. Hope he enjoys it enough to do some more. He did a lot of rep when younger, right? which was just a week of performances per play? So I don't know if he's used to doing a month or more of the same play? It certainly a different discipline to film and tv work?

I loved that pilot episode of Columbo - actually in it, there aren't so much of the Columbo 'mannerisms' that were written in for the later series, and Peter Falk looked quiet smartish for a lot of it.

Loved the wife - Suzanna from Brookie - the wife is supposed to be 'unbearable' to live with, and she was pretty good at that, so I liked her interpretation!

EDIT - PS Starlight - I think he often does at least one convention a year or so in the UK, well he has recently. So I'm sure you'll get another chance to meet him.

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