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Default Re: Published articles?

Oh my God, THANK YOU! I was searching for more articles and it turns out that he had the beginning of a new book out there all this time!

It's so unusual to find people who write so powerfully, so clear and to the point. Not looking for social acceptance, just telling it as they believe it. That's Dirk's truth and you can take it or leave it. It really takes courage to write what he writes and to be so open about his ideas in a world where some people need to attack others for what they believe.

Dirk has me hooked. I'd love to say a lot about his writings, but I can't do it without getting too personal, so I'll just shut up and keep reading. Anyway, all I could say can be reduced to believing in what he says or not and I sure do.

Thanks again, Ojai. This made my night.
Maria R. C.
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