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Default Re: Published articles?

Originally Posted by Wim View Post
Hi All, I am new here and a bit overwhelmed with all the info on this site! But it seems difficult to find published articles or interviews with Dirk about his works. (Besides of course BSG & The A-Team).
About "Cahoots" for instance there is not much to find about what brought Dirk to write and direct it, how the cast was assembled, how his ex-wife got cast, how it was for his son (did he watch the movie being this young), how Anne Lockhart came to co-direct, how it was financed, why he dedicated it to Gloria Swanson's husband, If there is a reason Patsy Kline's music was used, why the main character comes from Alaska (is it a coincidence he also made a movie "Alaska", his brother lived there for a while, ...) I really cannot find any feedback on this film (except for why it did not came out on DVD).
Does anyone know if there is some kind of archive of interviews with and articles about dirk's works?

Here is the last of the old site - (I think)

Howdy pardner. If you're here by accident, hang on to your aura. If you're here by design, pull a chair to the fire, have a hot bancha (and a stogie if you're an afficionado) and enjoy this Kamikaze Cowboy's ride across the Cyber-plain of Truth.

For a man such as myself who cooks his rice on a wood stove (Hallelujah fellow brother's of the grain), launching a website brings a new meaning to the word "paradox". But that's where all truth lies buried, according to George Bernard Shaw, in paradox. So maybe this actor/writer/director (more of that anon) philosopher and wit might just be onto something . . .

Now about that "directing". Twenty years in acting didn't destroy my ability to "think" . . . . which in and of itself, is more amazing than defeating cancer . . . . and so I was able to become a writer. And just when I thought I had found my true calling, some very wise (and rich) man gave me a whole bunch of $$$ to turn one of my provocative screenplays into an actual FILM. And with me "at the helm" . . . as they say in certain parts of Southern California. So soon, I will be in that rare position of having no one else to blame but myself as I turn paper into celluloid.

It's called CAHOOTS. I came up with the idea 26 years ago while sitting poolside with George Roy Hill, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. George encouraged me to put it down on paper. I did so. He read it immediately. And never spoke to me again. Thus began the journey of CAHOOTS, a script that has been thrown against more walls in anger than any other in the history of Hollywood. I did the research. A script that has had people not only fired up, but fired. That has resulted in my being called more names than Linda Tripp or Ken Starr. And now, 26 years after it's birth, it will have it's revenge and be born into the annals of filmdom.

The first 25 years of waiting are the toughest. A good lesson for anyone aspiring to any sort of career in Hollywood.

Remember that the most important thing in life is the time you spend with your CHILDREN. All else is just Waiting for Godot.

Yippee ty, yi, yay have a blast little doggies and I'll talk to you soon.

Dirk Benedict
Actor/Writer/Director/Woodchopper/Cook...... Dad.

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