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Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
I was being a little tongue-in-cheek there. Referring to my question about what you meant: "As an Indigenous... wrong person to even reply to a political thread on an actors website forums."
That right there I said because of attitudes that you implied below.. I'll respond to that there, so look for it and remember that reply is also a reply to this.

It sounded like you were saying I can't have an opinion because I have the wrong genealogy. That goes up sideways, even when said to men about abortion, "no uterus, no opinion." Actually we all get an opinion. I am not usually an over-sensitive person but I'm getting sick of the conservative censorship and abuse, in a big way...
Not even close. See below for that too.
Actually, yeah. I wanted to hear your argument for why this protest - at this level of rage - is justified and why it's more important than distancing. I only had your first reaction and obvious concerns about racism to go on, but I thought you'd say more than: "You're ignorant, go educate yourself." Disappointing.
As I said in my first reply - Protestors and rioters are two different things. If a person spits at an officer during a protest, that INDIVIDUAL is not a protestor. They are a rioter/shit stirrer. As for the level of "rage", it depends on which rage you are talking about. The Protestors are very angry that things have not changed for the better, and they haven't. I said to go way back on the history. Martin Luther King and what he did. Has anything really, honestly changed since the protesting back then? So many parallels can be drawn with what happened then and what is happening now.
I didn't assume... I was asking the question. Do you really think there was collusion to be found, regardless of how the investigation was conducted?
You are asking that question wanting me to say yes or no to collusion. A definitive answer, one way or the other. You're not going to get that. That's where the assumption comes in - you expecting me to say one way or the other. I'm not going to say that. I gave my answer on it. Take it or leave it.

I think it's hypocritical for you to talk about Kavanaugh showing self-restraint and conservative kids respecting our elders
Kavanaugh was in a damn hearing! I'm sure you've been in hearings before - Throw a tantrum like that and you either get tossed from the court room, get fined OR get tossed in jail. And Wow. I said conservative kids? Really? Damn me. Oh wait. No, I didn't say that. Please stop saying I said something I didn't say! LOL Sheesh.
(you have to be kidding about that. Phillips was instigating which you can clearly see on the non-edited video, and the teenage boy didn't even say anything to him. He smirked.)
And no. I wasn't kidding. Trying reading my entire answer. I said I had things I said about Phillips after more info was found out. And the respect for elders - Wow. Guess you have never ran across elders that are a pain in the ass before. The kids could have simply stepped aside and laughed at him or whatever. But they didn't. Cameras caught it. You saw the blow up about it. A simple show of respect would have avoided that whole thing, AND video of Phillips being an ass would still surface, and the kids aren't involved. Follow that???
Or even about how the big bad police used crowd control tactics on the "peaceful" protesters (looked to me like more often than not they were used after curfew against belligerent protesters who were given a direction to move.) The reason I think it's hypocritical is because you appear to be looking the other way in terms of the worst human behavior imaginable - why? Because you agree with their cause? Is screaming and spitting at cops respectful of authority? And yes, I do believe that any civilized society requires authority figures to enforce laws.
Geeze... LMAO An old man walking up to police in broad daylight TO RETURN A HELMET and getting pushed hard enough to fall and get a head injury isn't "crowd tactics". An officer grabbing a woman's breast, her pulling away because of that, then getting beaten by multi cops isn't "crowd tactics". People standing around protesting peacefully in broad daylight getting shot with rubber bullets is not "crowd tactics". A black reporter from a news station that is LIVE ON AIR gets arrested, while a white crew not even a block away from the SAME news station isn't harassed at all. That's not "crowd control". Those are just SOME examples. The ones the police should have been after are the rioters and looters. But they didn't do squat to get them. Oh, and BTW, did you read about the black guy that saved another person FROM rioters, then got shot? Yup.... "crowd control". LMAO... geeze. I have NEVER, not even once or even hinted, that ALL cops are bad. Right now, it's the bad cops that are in the news. Same type of a situation where the loudest are heard over the quiet, even though both speak. And once again, referring to the spitting, etc - Those are NOT protestors. Those are rioters/instigators, etc.
That's what the citizens of CHOP are learning now... (they changed it from CHAZ because no doubt somebody looked up the word "autonomous". They're too much.)
I already laughed at those guys. Do I need to laugh at them again?
Is this respectful and acceptable behavior? Because this is what many mainstream outlets consider a peaceful protest, which is what you support.

See above. Also, yoiu seem to have an issue with me supporting PEACEFUL protests. Why is that?

I totally agree that numbers get skewed and manipulated for the benefit of a narrative (especially as it pertains to "raaaaacism") but how can you fake unemployment numbers? Unless you're saying the jobs are artificial because they're temporary or something, or too many people have fallen off the books. But I would want to see something to back those claims up.
That'll be coming later.

No, I didn't miss that! I just didn't mention it because I talk too much. Yes, they worked together at the same bar. Now that's not a smoking gun suggesting the crime was personal, since Chauvin was outside and Floyd was a bouncer, but it certainly raises an eyebrow. So what's with all the assumptions about his motive being a racist one?
Then you did miss it. I'll look it up later, but the two had run in with each other before NOT work related.
Oh, and don't even get me started on this Atlanta DUI thing. The guy stole the cop's taser and turned around to shoot it at him. Tons of factors there. And *the very next morning* his lawyers are making statements that he was shot in the back while running away because they woke him up?? Wtf? He was talking very cordially with the cop, who was very nicely explaining that they had to take him in when he just went crazy and attacked. There's absolutely no way to draw the assumption that a racist cop pulled a sleeping black guy out of a car and shot him as he was running away. And that little stunt by the lawyers is likely to get him acquitted of any wrongdoing. In a perfect world, anyway... the way things are going now some crazy liberal judge will probably give him life. For being raaaaacist.
Wow. You're throwing something new into this and you think I automatically lean towards "raaaaacist"?

Okay, you need to watch the video.
I did watch a video of her, explaining what an evil man Floyd was, in a way that made it seem he deserved what happened. I also know she's paid as a speaker. Two and two.
That's not at all what she did.
Guess I will watch it again then, unless we watched two different videos.
And I think it was GoFundMe, but you know WHY they shut her down? Had nothing to do with Floyd.
Never said it had anything to do with Floyd, did I? And yeah, GoFundMe.
She was trying to raise money for a small business owner in Alabama whose bar had been attacked. And the owner called Floyd a "thug". Then apologized for it. (Even though Floyd was, in fact, a thug, much as I hate to speak ill of the dead.) Nope. Canceled. Justifiable? Sorry, no. Legal, but pretty unethical.
If true, then yes, that is unethical and wrong. I've seen far worse that people should get shut down on various things, GoFundMe and whatever that other one was I said... Kickstarter?
If she was a liberal it would be GoFundMe who gets canceled...
I wouldn't know. I'm not a Party person. I dislike ALL politicians equally.

You're right, my bad. I may have been thinking of one of the other 1000 liberals I've debated who throw that word around anytime a special person gets busted.
"one of the other 1000 liberals"... so now you're calling me a liberal when I made it VERY DAMN CLEAR I am not.
Honestly I need to do more research. But who put the federal government in charge of healthcare in the first place?
I didn't say the Federal Government. I said The President.

You and I are not gonna agree on the benefits of capitalism and the concept that trickle down economics can work. Don't you realize they bailed out the businesses that were directly nailed by the pandemic and employ hundreds of thousands of people? No, they didn't lay everybody off. This is another case of the Democrats' desperate attempt to promote class warfare. They've been doing pretty well, too. The President has the background to call them out on this crap and really I'm surprised he hasn't. It's not like he minces words or knows how to be diplomatic about anything else!
Well, instead of going by one parties word, why not go by your own eyes and ears? I know a LOT of people that got laid off by these major companies that benefited from that "stimulas" money. And those workers never saw a dime other than the un-related "$1,200.00". They had to file for un-employment. And that's been a nightmare for a lot of people.

This is a conversation I want to have. The situation with race relations has been getting progressively better so why has this animosity been *building*?? I mean, you obviously know my thoughts on the subject but as a person who thinks widespread racism is a modern issue, I really want to hear yours.
First, explain in what capacity do you think race relations are better?
Roger, wilco. I did mention something about the caravans in that paragraph and I figured that's what you meant when you said "conspiracy theories" because the rest of it was me bitching about millennials.

Same here. Though I don't agree the immigrants were treated like animals.
I think they did the best they could with the influx, honestly, and the media went on their regular mission to villainize Trump.
...ummm No. Separating children from their parents, and putting those children into what IS essentially a cage IS treating them like animals. And not taking care of them like they should be taken care of. WHY are they still detained? WHY haven't they been removed from the country?

FTR, I also have a problem with people *behaving* like animals and expecting to be treated with kid gloves. But that goes back to BLM, Antifa and raaaacism.
BLM isn't the problem. Antifa is a name that doesn't fit what those ass-clowns actually do. it is a name to hide behind. And even though it appears you don't want to accept it- Racism is a real thing.

Well you would know... The little I know is from the places I've lived; the reservations in Arizona seemed to be rather impoverished and follow with your statement about being overlooked by the government, I guess. The schools rated very poorly and brought down the overall state ranking. (I checked out the link and in fact didn't know that was ever a law like that. That's not right at all. But the case was way back in 1924, and she won, right?)
Dunno how Arizona came into this LOL I am from BIshop, CA and grew up on the Rez in Big Pine, CA - The same one Alice Piper is from. And I was originally going to post that link with a little quiz, asking who was the first to actually win an equal rights argument with the government. Most people say Rosa Parks was the first significant thing to happen. It wasn't. Alice Piper was. But she's buried in history. Why? No idea.So instead I jsut did the little"did you know" thing as a side convo not intended for the main course.
Now, the reservations in Connecticut were a different story. I grew up in MA and there was basically no gambling allowed in New England *except on tribal lands*. So two huge casinos opened up in the 80s and 90s in CT, Foxwoods (Pequot tribe) and Mohegan Sun (Mohegan). In return for the legal loophole, the tribes pay the state 25% of their slot take. They rake in ~$13B/year. Hugely popular. When I was an undergrad we used to spend weekends at Foxwoods - which btw is actually the second largest casino in the US (The largest is in Oklahoma. That's interesting... just learned that while looking this up). Point being, it's a totally different economic situation than AZ. The school district is highly rated too. So that is the totality of my experience with tribal lands.
It's actually the same for pretty much ALL Tribal Casinos. Where I am, this particular Tribe isn't bad off. Neither is the Big Pine one. But there are a few in the general area that could have improvements. Remember when I mentioned I actually worked with Law Enforecement people? That was when I live in teh Four Corners area of New Mexico - Aztec, NM to be precise. The Navajo Nation is actually in 4 different states, with the majority of it being in AZ. So I did have a lot of interaction with Natives from there. Not a pretty picture.

I just don't get the whole 'my ancestors were treated poorly so the world owes me XYZ' attitude. I really don't.
LOL I agree with that to a point. I personally think Natives should take advantage of what opportunies arise for them to take AND keep their traditions alive. This is the 21st century, not the 18th or 19th. Gotta live in the times. BUT at the same time, it IS like I said before about the mythical or dead injun thing. That is a carry-over into today's society that continues to be prevalent.
My Irish immigrant ancestors struggled.
Natives sent them money back in the great potato famine. Did you know that? And earlier this year, some Irish folk got together and sent money back (but to a different tribe) as pay-back. Total respect for each other a century apart. The Irish also erected a Native statue in Ireland due to the help the Natives provided.
Of course, they didn't deal with slavery; they weren't driven from their homes and forced to migrate across the country. But they didn't have a whole lot of choice about dropping out of school in 5th grade and working in a knitting mill in pretty nasty conditions, because their families were seen as inferior to all other ethnicities in the area, and couldn't get hired anywhere else. So? I don't struggle the way they did, but I have dealt with my own struggles wrt abuse, depression, rejection, being a female in several totally male-dominated situations... but I'll tell ya, if my great granddaughter is sitting around someday feeling sorry for herself and trying to score points off my issues, or those of anyone who came before me, I'll be looking down (or up ) and feeling very disappointed.
Natives aren't sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. They're doing something about it. They're protesting as well. Or did you miss that part?

The whole idea of life is to take what you get and keep moving forward. And we all got a crapload better than our ancestors did, and that's all there is to it. IMO...
Dis-agree somewhat. There are STILL road blocks to overcome for everyone to have the same opportunities. Yo umention being a woman in a male dominated world. What caused things to happen for women to be able to vote? They protested! And then years later, remember Women's Lib? That was a movement that improved things for women. Are things where they SHOULD be? Not by a long shot.

The same goes for Blacks, hence Black Lives Matter, the same goes for Natives, hence AIM and Native Lives Matter, etc.

Now, back to the top where I said I'd reply below, that up there and this last paragraph of yours, it APPEARS you are taking on the same attitude that a lot of people take when I tell them I am Native. They are the "get over it" crowd, just like you're insinuating. Hence my saying being a Native, it probably IS a mistake for me to reply to shit like this. Because that's hat this is - shit. It's an attempt to stir the pot. I see NOTHING here that says, "Hey, let's talk and try to resolve issues going on." No... what I see is "I'm right, you're wrong. You gotta believe this or you're whatever you said... liberal?"

Try offering solutions instead of adding to the problem.

My biggest solution that'll never happen is - get rid of all politicians and start over. One of the best quotes I ever saw was "Anyone who WANTS to be President should NOT be allowed to run."

But, again, since that won't happen, then gotta start small.
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