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Mini rant: People are tearing down statues of historical figures all over the world which, to them, represent a racist and bigoted history they would like to erase. (Today, it is Churchill, Lincoln and Ghandi. Yes, Lincoln... Yep, Ghandi...) Putting aside the concept of "those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it" (though I do believe that's true) - Do you all think this behavior is actually furthering a cause for world peace, acceptance, harmony - or is it simply leading to more anger and division?

Beyond the desecration of statues, schools are teaching history differently too. Instead of teaching the facts about Winston Churchill and the war, they are teaching why we should not laud him as a leader, because Churchill was racist. Whether Churchill was racist or not is not my question... I am just wondering if we are doing the next generation a disservice by forcing subjective opinions of historical figures into a purportedly objective curriculum.

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