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I don't think the term "systemic racism" is meant, by most people, in the way you describe. But aside from that I agree - the MOST IMPORTANT things we need to address in order to provide EQUALITY (not equity) - meaning giving everyone a fair shot at living their best life - are the following:
  1. Economic improvement/job growth in many inner cities and rural areas. This comes from businesses moving back in to these areas. No one wants to hear this, but it means we need to make it profitable to do business in the form of tax breaks for multi-billion dollar companies employing tens of thousands of people. Oh, and not inviting illegal aliens (excuse me... "undocumented immigrants") to soak the support systems. Which need to be regulated and monitored better because they are being widely abused.
  2. Cracking down on CRIME. This means (gasp) funding the police and EMPOWERING them to do their jobs. Criminals and their stupid allies should not be dictating the course on this. I think that's becoming more and more clear given recent developments. Agreed? That means no reallocating funds. Mark my words, Minneapolis and NYC are about to become examples of why any removal of funding from law enforcement is going to cost them more than their popularity among Democrats.
  3. Improving our low-performing schools - which comes indirectly from #1, believe it or not. Teachers need to be supplemented with engaged parents. Parents struggling with poverty, depression, multiple kids in jail or on the street, no fathers in the home, etc., are not typically engaged and are not properly raising their children in the first place. Those "trouble" students drag down the rest. Also need to stop regulating education at the federal level because we're doing a horrendous job.

Btw here's what the issues above have to do with systemic racism. NOTHING...

And now to address race-related problems:
  1. Politics. Disband the Democrat party. Period. They have thrived on racism and classism since Day 1. Fight me.
  2. Promotion of racism. See above. Also end the Affirmative Action that was supposed to end, but persists in essence in most large companies. When you are forced to hire less qualified women and POCs than white men who can actually perform the job, there is a SYSTEMIC problem there. That promotes racism and sexism in both directions, btw. How do you think it makes white men feel about the preferred identity groups?

So there are your racism problems. Shall we tackle those first? Because even as much as I hate modern Democrats, I think the first list is most crucial to our national welfare. And unfortunately for the Trump haters, this was basically his "racism" platform to begin with. Amazing how the sexist, racist administration brought about the lowest unemployment among POCs and women in our nation's history. Just saying.

(If I had any say in any of this...) I'd be on board with adding funds for those experiments with law enforcement teams (LEOs, social workers, psychologists or whatever the city feels is necessary, at a local level based on historical data). The caveat is that when a crime is committed, the LEO is in charge of the crisis team. As long as it's an experiment, not a long-term funding solution, so we can adjust as necessary.

My point about throwing around the word "racist" (hopefully you know my comment about you being racist was tongue-in-cheek!) is that many of the BLM terrorists honestly believe EVERYONE who are not part of their movement is racist. They have stated as much. They are hopelessly stupid and they are only building resentment between races. They're the most racist people of all - they are literally promoting segregation in schools and businesses, race-based preferential treatment across industries, special products and services developed specifically for POC, replacement of anything "too white" with a POC version... you've heard about the black national anthem? (I'm wondering what happens if someone kneels for that. When they kneeled for the REAL anthem and were just booed and the NFL was boycotted. I'll bet you kneeling for this crap earns you an ass-kicking, being arrested, losing your job or having your car set on fire. HMM.)

I don't generally fall for the social media hoopla. I research things before I post them. Half the time they are far outdated, misrepresented or are from dubious sources. I'm sure there are some bots trying to raise trouble on every platform, maybe even from outside the US with a variety of motives. I think it's a problem but not as much of a problem as our own politicians and mass media.

Should have mentioned this before but I was curious what you had heard (for the reason above). I researched George Floyd pretty extensively. They worked at the same bar, actually. Floyd was a bouncer and Chauvin was paid to sit outside in his vehicle when off-duty, to stop trouble before it entered the building. Seems like they would have run into each other at some point. None of the complaints against Chauvin mentioned racism, unless the story has changed. That was the news going to press right after the incident went viral. I'm sure the liberal media looked pretty hard for it. There's literally no reason to think the murder had anything to do with race. That's some dark humor of the whole situation...

I believe you about the gas-masked *white* guy (Was that the headline? You know most of Antifa and a lot of BLM supporters are white?). Maybe it wasn't even a vicious rumor about him being a cop. In Minneapolis I wouldn't blame him; but did they really need the help discrediting themselves? LOL. Amazing that made the headlines... really? are they trying to say it was all white cops looting and destroying people's businesses and setting them on fire all over the country? I'm sure it was a huge smokescreen to make the peaceful protesters look bad.

<<Sorry for the snark... but it adequately hides my total seething contempt for all of the self-righteous people exploiting this sh!t for the time being. I'm not even going to start on the children being massacred because I will lose it, and I've been trying like hell to contain myself these days. Meanwhile Hollywood starlets are bailing them out of jail, and Facebook has promoted charitable causes for civil rights attorneys to get these guys off. Apparently protesting the life of a known criminal is worth taking the life of an eight-year-old girl. No, really, I'm not going to start on this...>>

I want to comment on your last remarks regarding white European settlers and how people believe they were the devil because they destroyed the lives of people with whom they couldn't identify, but I'm running out of time.

I'll leave it at this. Over the course of history, there is no race that has not been an oppressor and no race that has not been subjugated. With the exception, perhaps, of some native Americans, because they had no other race to conquer or subjugate in *known* history. Yes, people are afraid of what they don't understand and humans are a violent, selfish species - and they always find a reason to justify the violence. Always. Just look at BLM and other terrorist organizations. This is just a black American jihad.

Trivia: Do you know where the word "slavery" came from? The term slave has its origins in the word slav. The slavs, who inhabited a large part of Eastern Europe, were taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD.

White Europeans. Ironic, no?
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