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Default Re: Okay then, US Politics...


I am not american and living in a country with no real government since 29 May 2019 Belgians can easily fill a multitude of forums about government formation so I agree to leave other countries aside for the time being. Although I studied political science my interest in the subject is low. I have no wish to convince others and before I give any opinion I really want to think things through. (and lack of time and intrest prevent me from being pro Trump or Biden)

The real problem is however often "belief" rather than factual based opinions. Just a few percent of our knowledge is actually based on our own experience. The rest is based on what we call encyclopedic knowledge. Knowledge that is stored in sources we trust. And that is where the difficulty lies.
The media has presented itself as a non reliable source in relation either Trump or Biden. Therefore it is always good to mention a reliable source.
As a skeptic I could easily believe that the above list is false. And if I really believe this, there is no argument whatsoever that could convince me otherwise. This may sound far fetched, but there are a lot of people who think that the landing on the moon was fake or the earth is flat. In Germany some students stated that the city of Bielefeld did not exist. Do you know anybody from Bielefeld? Have you ever been to Bielefeld? Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld? No? Wel why then would you say that Bielefeld exists.
The point I am trying to make is that a majority of people makes decisions based on belief rather than on facts. (irrespective of whether this is good or bad)

I have no doubt what soever that Trump has signed many good bills. In history there are zero leaders who did not do good things. The problem I have with this list is that it lacks balance.
Why don't you add a list with "not so good bills' and good bills he did not sign and someone does the same for Biden?

.. And then I will cast my vote as if I were an undecided american
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