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Default Re: Your Face Never Lies by Michio Kushi

Originally Posted by Michele Ann View Post

I really enjoyed your review. Thank you for posting that. I must admit I'm currently backed up with books to read but I'll add that one to the list.

I'm very grateful to Mr. Benedict for looking ay the picture of mom and commenting the way he did. Even if she's not 100% ready to take it all to heart, she's aware of it.

And lastly, Mr. Benedict looked ast my ear lobes and was astonished by their beauty. The plump, hanging ear lobes that signified an overall very good constitution. He liked my lobes. (Let's face it, all the boys do. But at least Mr. Benedict has enough class to say out loud how fetching they truly are.
Good bless him.

But the..... the.... wait... what was the topic again?
Me thinks that she's been hanging around someone else a bit too much.
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