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Well I met Dirk the first two times on the Dutch Star Con. There were a lot of actors present both times and also artists and a bunch of merchandisers of everything that is Scifi, movie-based and more. ( I just went for Dirk and Dwight...) DSC is not being held anymore, at least not for the last 4 years...

Then the third time I met him on the FACTS in Gent I told you about earlier in this topic. That was in oct 2010. FACTS is a con about comics/ anime and movies and there are a lot of fans crazy enough to dress up as their favorit anime, comic, game or movie character. They even have a cosplay-contest.

On that FACTS (2010) I talkes to Dirk about his play in London, Prescription Murder as Columbo. I had been unable to attent and I still had this wish of seeing him perform on stage. After having seen my disappointment that the play would continue but without him, he (knowing I have two kids) invited me to come and see his panto: Dick Wittington. A real kids adventure with stand-up commedy, dance, singing etc. It is something typical English.

Soooo we went. It took some doing and preparing, but we had a wonderful time in London. Being me I always try to get some impossible things done. So I had emailed the plays manager... Did not get any return (it did came, but then WE already were in London) So at the beginning of the show Somebody came to tell us that the impossible had been made possible by Dirk... We had a backstage encounter with him and my son got his chance of standing on stage in the spotlights So that was number 4.

Number 5 and 6 were both in Gent oct 2011. First just I guess a talk of about 15 minutes (most people went to "Draco Mallfoid" of the Potter movies) and later on even longer I suppose when he signed the huge FACTS poster for me (I was the winner of an EBAY-auction for Unicef)

So I hope there will be a nr 7 (allthough Dirk said it probably was the last time to see him...)

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