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Default Where are all the fans gone?

Ladies and gentlemen,

now we got this wonderful news that Dirk will appear at the Rhode Island Comic Con. You can´t imagine HOW happy I am.
I am from Germany, I think I have already mentioned that. So for me (student) it gonna be a very expensive trip to Rhode island. I actually have not planned going to the US that soon cause I don´t have that much money. Students are always short of money. But now I have no choice. It´s my biggest dream coming true. It´s a wonderful chance, a wonderful experience to meet Dirk this November. And I´m sure it will be worth every single Dollar I´ll have to pay for the trip.

So what about you? Are here any people, maybe even from Europe, who would like to join me? Otherwise I´ll be going alone. I have no idea about that area. Haven´t been to the US so far. But I´m absolutely convinced that it will be probably the best experience in my life.

I read the lovely story from Emily Gabriela. What a brave girl! She really encouraged me to do this trip to Rhode Island. I think otherwise I would have been toooo afraid.

So think about it. Maybe one or more of you will come with me I would really appreciate it

Hugs, Kisses and a wonderful weekend :*
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