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Default Re: Macrobiotic Granola???

Originally Posted by flyngirl5 View Post
I have no answer for you Kristina but I'm really interested to know the answer to this too. I imagine there probably is a granola with all organic ingredients. Not one with the chocolate chips and M&Ms though.

Just a thought... I've been overusing the 10-day diet thread. I wanted it to be just for people to share their 10-day diet experiences so I'm going to stop posting to that one. I wonder if we need another board category under macrobiotics. We have one for sharing experiences and this one for sharing recipes. Could we also have one for product requests and recommendations...? (e.g., what's the best brand of tahini? or where can I find a macrobiotic granola?)

I'm an over-organizer, though. This probably works fine. What do you think?
I love your idea. I'm an over-organizer myself Didn't see any organic Granola up to now.
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