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Default Re: Macrobiotic Granola???

Originally Posted by galactica_love View Post
I love homemade peanut butter. It is absolutely delicious! I love it with dried fig, yum! Perfect snack, just put a little of the peanut butter on the fig and there you go.

As far as a macrobiotic granola, the recipes shared here sound delicious!

The other day I made something like this with pumpkin seeds. (its pumpkin season again!) lol. I had a fresh pumpkin, which I baked for another recipe, but kept the seeds and roasted them in the oven. So crunchy and good.

I really loved this topic. Macrobiotics interest me not just from inspiration of Dirk, but also my own personal food/life journey.

So I was really excited to discover this part of the board! hurray!

-galactica love x

Hi galactica- love! 😀
I’m quite an healthy eater and wouldn’t mind trying some of his ideas. Does he have a book out on the macrobiotic diet that he swears by?
I love pumpkins! My Nan used to serve it up to us grand kids all the time.
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