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Default Re: Published articles?

Originally Posted by Wim View Post
Thanks Vballspieler :-)
I have been dropping by from time to time and love the way you "guys" keep this forum alive and spreading the fun! I catch myself often laughing out loud! I hope to add my humble contribution, although I am a reader more than a writer.
The main remark as newbe was that although the forum is alive and packed with info, the website on itself seems to have gone to sleep. (eg. if you look at the actor/theater tab ... there is practically nothing. If I then start searching the internet or even the forum it is easy to find more info)
I noticed that too, Wim! I think it's because the regular website doesn't get all that much traffic. And like you said, there's a lot to be found on other sites. "Unofficial" sites, FB pages and Twitter gather a lot from fans.

The other reason for it might be that Dirk needs to approve the material posted here - not within the forum but on the main site - because it's his official website. (Is that right, John?)

If we could open up the webpage content to "crowd source" materials, I'm sure a bunch of us would be interested in posting info/photos. I just don't know if that's possible on a site like this... I'm not sure all servers support the wiki approach.
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