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Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
* The commentary below is only about certain U.S. sociopolitical issues but the thread is open to anything!

An Unpopular Perspective on U.S. Politics in 2020

OK, show of hands: How many of you are ready to admit this Trump-hate has gotten completely out of control?
Not me.
I mean, when it comes to leftists, I get it; it's an election year and most people who voted for Hillary are still raw.
Could care less about Hilary.
They are raw because she lost, and she wasn't supposed to.
Could care less about that too.
They are raw because the Russian collusion theory fizzled, after their politicians and everyone in the media told them it would be Donald Trump's undoing.
Actually, that was totally mis-handled. If non-Political Party personnel handled that, a different outcome would have happened. The Republicans refused to cooperate with the Dems, and the Dems refused to cooperate with the Republicans.
They are raw because Donald Trump was able to appoint a Supreme Court justice.
I am pissed about that because of the back-history of the person he appointed AND his behavior at the hearings. A U.S. level Justice should NEVER have a temper-tantrum like he did.
They are raw because the investigation of Joe Biden's corruption did not constitute an offense worthy of impeachment.
There's way more to that "story" that you're not saying, such as Trump's own family members being involved in shady dealings as well.
They are raw because unemployment had reached its lowest point and the economy was flourishing under the Trump administration (prior to coronavirus).
Bwaaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa!
They are raw because this epidemic could not be pinned entirely on Donald Trump. And they are stuck at home feeling sorry for themselves and watching CNN... brought to you by the DNC and the "Orange Man Bad" foundation.
Of course you can't pin the virus on Trump - It didn't originate here. Everyone knows that. What Trump is blamed for is dismantling the readiness teams that would have helped. What Trump is blamed for is his total lack of respect to those that DO know what is going on - Scientists. What Trump is blamed for is walking around without any sort of safety precautions near people. And that comes from his OWN "Twitter" and photos. Even though news agencies report on it, he himself is the source of so much dis-like towards him.

The Democrat powers-that-be desperately want (need) to win this election. The 2020 propaganda machine is running full tilt, and there is a suffocating level of hypocrisy with which the accusations fly. So far this year, Democrats have decried the ban on travel from China and other countries as an overreach of power... but when the pandemic got worse, decided the President acted too late. Democrat governors accused Trump of not sending enough supplies to the states; meanwhile supplies sat unused in warehouses, creating a surplus. The governors warned about abuse of power - while complaining their failure to act was a failure of the Trump administration to advise them. Democrat politicians insisted Trump is unilaterally guilty of causing nationwide coronavirus deaths - as they artificially boosted the numbers by including "related" deaths. Then they ridiculed Trump for making vague references to possible cures - as they lamented that he was ignoring the situation. They went out and partied on beaches - then complained when people peacefully protested to reopen the economy. I could go on, but you get my drift.
On this, I am going to agree somewhat. Not 100%, as many Repubs also are guilty of this crap. I will say this though, for the most part, and I say MOST, not ALL, our Governor here in CA has handled things pretty well.

Then in May, to the great dismay of Democrat politicians, the curve was just starting to flatten. Stay-at-home orders had been effectively mitigating the spread of the virus. There was a possibility the economy could rebound to where it was in February.
Panic ensues...
Yeah.. panic ensues based on a video of a cop literally murdering a black person AND NEARLY WALKING AWAY free, as if it was no big deal. Charges were NOT pressed until things went crazy. There are a LOT of videos out there of police doing this crap, and nothing is ever done. And your video you posted below is bogus, as in it is trying to deflect the issue of abuse by POLICE OFFICERS. I'll reply to that after this reply-novel.

After all, coronavirus was their bread and butter.
That is no ones "bread and butter" To say that is irresponsible. That virus does not choose Dems over Repubs and vice-versa. It does not chose a particular race. BOTH Dems and Repubs have mis-handled things.
They can't allow prosperity in an election year
Same thing happens in every election year. Stop trying to spin it as if it is something unique. It depends on which side is in "power".
- not with a completely inept, potentially senile presidential candidate.
As I said before, just look solely at his own Twitter account.
Women are accusing Biden of sexual harrassment, and the party of hypocrisy can no longer employ the "believe all women" mantra.
Gee... sounds just like the accusations against Trump himself! And the ones against that U.S. Justice he appointed.
Many leftists are heartbroken that we won't be fundamentally changing our government to a socialist system;
This still cracks me up with how people are using the word "socialism" and trying to turn it into a Communist thing. Did you know that a lot of the U.S. Government was initially based on Native Americans? Did you know back in the day Native Americans lived this "social" life style? I'd like you to explain to me how one person has more right to medical coverage than another. I want you to tell me how privatized insurance, who make millions of dollars off of insurance paying people. I want you to explain to me how Billionaires keep making their billions while their "backbone", aka employees, can barely survive. (and then deny that medical coverage because of whatever excuse - "Oh, it's not covered in your plan" crap. Those are MY two biggest contentions in the "social" debacle - Medical for everyone AND better income.
so the Bernie Bros might sit out in November! Mail-in voting, illegal immigrant voting and ballot harvesting can only do so much.
Did you know Trump, and MANY other Repubs, voted by mail?
That false sense of security from polling won't encourage people like it did in 2016. They need something big, and fast, to galvanize the party and get voters really riled up. A school shooting; a North Korean military strike; a market crash; increased gas prices; a Twitter war - anything! Maybe they can float the idea that Trump is homophobic during Pride month?
uuummm After what he just pulled regarding Trans people during Pride month, you have exactly zero argument there.
... Nope, that one has been used too many times. Kids in cages? Oh right, that one fizzled when everyone realized they were Saint Obama cages. Could they bus another horde of hapless immigrants up from Central America and put women and children in danger for some clever photo ops? Nah... I think that went a little far, even for George Soros.
Again, that one is backwards. Those aren't "Obama cages". Those are definitely Trump cages, just like his "wall" that rips through Native American burial grounds.. And those "caged" people have been ignored during the pandemic. I wonder why. Swept under the rug mentality.

Then, suddenly, something amazing happens. A video surfaces of a black man being murdered by a police officer in broad daylight, with four other cops looking on. It's like Christmas. We all know how a single event can drive people mad in this country. Even if it's a high school kid with a smirk on his face. Now THIS is going to get them some traction.
Really? You're going to say that video was amazing in a Christmas sort of tone? As I already said, there are many more videos out there. To take THAT approach towards it is disgusting. As for that high school kid, that was a Native American elder he dis-respected. And that was virtually NOTHING compared to a murder on video. Imagine that... a Native American (me) saying a dis-respect act towards another Native American was nothing compared to a murder video.

Couldn't have happened at a better time, as Obama administration officials are being sequestered for what appears to be (ironically) an unprecedented abuse of power with regard to the FBI and Michael Flynn. Michael who??
And why is this happening over 3 years after Obama left office? Hilary is the one that needs to go to prison, btw.

The video and subsequently organized media hype goes colossally viral, and an enormous group of angry, stir-crazed SJWs, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Colin Kaepernick fans rises up like a phoenix from the ashes. Now kids, George Floyd is way more important than dozens of black-on-black murders every week in Detroit and Chicago; way more important than all the MS13 and other gang murders taking place all of the country in creatively horrifc ways. This is RACISM. (No evidence the dumb cop's motive was racism, but that's not important.) Screw the masks and social distancing, THIS protest is more important than that quiet, reserved Republican attempt at picketing to get people back to work. THESE "protesters" will incorporate violence, looting, destruction of property and arson, with absolutely no message other than "systemic racism in law enforcement". Although the numbers do not support this narrative, as previously mentioned, facts don't matter. (Although the Democrats own 90% of the media, fake news only flies in one direction.) It'll be spectacular. Police officers and small business owners will be shot and stabbed in an equal opportunity fashion. And the blame will rest squarely on the shoulders of the self-proclaimed "law and order" president, Donald Trump.
You are so way off base here. And I mean WAY off base. Go get yourself better educated on this matter.

Like the Guatemalan exodus, I don't think the Democrats envisioned this one getting away from them. I don't think they were prepared for just how insane leftists can be when they think they are making history. Did they forget about 2016? The interesting thing about these times is that we have a number of generations in the mix with very unique overarching characteristics. When Hillary lost the election, the liberals of my generation got ticked off. We're the generation of obnoxious stubbornness. When you add the typical liberal elements of narcissism and sanctimony to the mix, Gen X'ers can be a real menace. Then there were the Baby Boomers. Some voted for Hillary, but all of them pretty much grumbled and got over it. Didn't see many women in their 60s and 70s with pink hats on, screaming at the sky. They had been through the protests when they were kids, and they are actually aware that the civil rights war for women and minorities has been won. There's nothing to really scream about anymore, other than taxes, jobs and foreign affairs. Which brings us to millenials. Those loveable, sensitive do-gooders who've never been taught how to lose anything (certainly not with dignity). The generation of "Look at me! I'm special!" The liberals of this generation lost their ever-loving minds, and have yet to recover; they've been in a downward spiral for years, screaming (literally screaming) at anyone who will listen... Things have only gotten crazier for these guys.

Millenials have the distinction of being the only generation to call for diversity and inclusion, while imposing a "cancel culture" wherein anyone who disagrees or triggers them must pay dearly. Boycotting. Threats. Hollywood blacklisting. Whitewashing of history. Media attacks. Doxxing. And then there are the classier acts of spitting in people's faces, urinating in beverages and defecating on the street. The crowd goes wild. What was that about people who don't know history being doomed to repeat it? (I bet these kiddos didn't take history class because violence is offensive and their moms wrote them a note...)

So here we go. The Gorge Floyd Rebellion. Defund the police! We mean, totally abolish them. We'll replace them with counseling and community watch groups. Oh, and we'll release all prisoners who aren't on death row... We'll govern with peace and love.
*About 24 hours later*
That's not, uh, what we meant. We meant to say take away *some* funding from the police.
Conspiracy theories. No facts. If there are actual FACTS, post them. And when I say facts, I mean facts, not some talking heads opinion.

All cops are terrible and should not be portrayed any differently. We should delegitimize them completely. Surely, demonizing the entire profession will make people want to work with us and fight against their own "systemically racist" system. After all, we own the media, and that means we own corporations who can't afford to lose business. We will boycott any business that doesn't actively, vocally support our cause.
More bullshit. The police are too militarized. They are doing jobs that they aren't trained for. An example that has been all over FB is a very telling one - If nurses, mental health personnel and the like can handle and retain deranged people, why can't officers? Why do officers need to use excessive force? There are too many situations that cops are placed into that someone else, trained to actually do that job, can do. Most definitely not all cops are bad. They aren't, by a long shot. But those good cops need to get those bad cops weeded out of the system. As for "defunding", the moment that word showed up I said it was a VERY bad choice of wording. And it is. Police Departments need to be re-organized, their purpose more clearly defined rather than a "do everything, get over-stressed" duty. I used to work along side police, up close. I was a member of the Police Union. I saw some of the policies in place from the Union. Needless to say, I wasn't with them for too long (the Union).
We own Hollywood, and we are canceling ALL the TV cop shows. And Gone with the Wind.

And make sure to cancel the little cartoon police dog in "Paw Patrol"! I mean, that puppy's got power-crazed racist written all over him.
Gone With The Wind isn't cancelled. Apparently they want to put some disclaimer in front of it. And you forgot to mention Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. All of that IS over-reaction/stupidity, IMO.

So for the people advocating for hanging on to law enforcement in a diminished capacity with huge reforms, but making it clear to children and society at large that the police are to be hated because they are all horrible people, I have a question. Who do you think is going to want/keep this job? How badly do you think they will want to protect you? Are you OK with your lost child in the park running to a complete stranger for help, because she has been taught to be scared of police officers?
And this is where people like you are afraid of change - Good officers, and when I say that, I mean PEOPLE, will still want the job. They'll want it in the manner they originally expected - As one to serve and protect. Not be militarized. Get rid of the bad apples. They should feel safe in reporting bad behavior of a fellow officer rather than getting fired for it, as has happened. If anyone is going to teach kids to be afraid of cops, it'd be the parents. The parent of a child is the biggest learning experience a child will ever have.

The "conversation" we are having about racism is ridiculous. I challenge anyone to debate me on this. I've read all the angles: police are more likely to pull over black drivers, and to arrest black people? Well, yes. You see there is a correlation between areas of high crime and a large condensed population of black people. The demographics differ wildly between Manhattan and Owego, New York. You're a little more likely to get arrested or questioned or pulled over in Manhattan. Police are more likely to shoot and kill unarmed black people? Well, no. How are you calculating your statistics? People love to cite statistics who don't really understand that they are only accurate at giving us the information we want if we use the right measures and control for certain variables. So, for example, if you are arguing that more unarmed black people were shot by police than white people in 2019, you're actually wrong (9 versus 19). If your Washington Post article points out that you can control for blacks comprising 13% of the population, which makes the percentage of black Americans shot by police far higher than the percentage of white Americans, you'd be right. But if you then take those measures and factor in the population of blacks versus whites in high-crime areas, AND the percentage of the black population who actually commit crimes overall, AND the percentage of the black criminal population who are repeat offenders... you see where this is going? (Same applies wrt the "wage gap", but I won't go there.) Then of course there are the anecdotes in which prominent black citizens tell us horror stories about how a police officer singled them out or pulled them over for nothing. Can you guess why anecdotes are even worse than bad statistics for pushing a bogus narrative? It's only a handful of stories specifically told to make a point, like that of our friend George Floyd.
As you stated (but I am using a different word, same meaning) - twisted facts. And you're using them. Where's all the documentation on this? Proof? Did you know that mentally handicapped people are also targeted? Are those the ones you're including in your "whites got shot more" figures?

And now CHAZ (the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) has "occupied" Seattle. *Sigh.* It would be funny if it wasn't reality. It would make a great movie... Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies and The Purge, all rolled into one. How is the leftist media going to spin this one? Oh, I see. It's a peaceful vegan paradise. Sure.

Within a day, the anarchical regime runnning the occupied territory has built a wall, instituted "stop and frisk", begged for more food after theirs was stolen (no police, remember?) and called in the fire department to put out their dumpster fires.
Actually, I laughed my ass off at this one. Those are definitely some idjits there.
But once again, Trump is the bad guy for suggesting we send in the National Guard... And the best part is their list of "demands" (in addition to unlimited soy lattes). Ready? This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are the highlights:

1. Abolition (NOT reform) of the police department and the attached court system. And, of course, ICE.
2. Reparations for victims of "police brutality", in a form to be determined.
3. A retrial of all black people serving a prison sentence for violent crime. (Just black people)
4. Immediate release of any prisoner currently serving time for a marijuana-related offense.
5. Immediate release of any prisoner currently serving time for resisting arrest.
6. Abolition of imprisonment "generally speaking, but especially the abolition of both youth prisons and privately-owned, for-profit prisons".
7. Free college for everyone.
8. Black doctors and nurses specifically to care for black patients. (Yes, you read that right. White care providers can't touch black people.)
9. Seattle "seeks out and proudly supports" black-owned businesses. (No mention of how this is accomplished; I'm assuming some quotas or higher taxes for white-owned businesses.)
10. The history of black and native Americans given a significantly greater focus in the state education curriculum.
11. "Anti-bias" training as a legal requirement for all jobs in education, medical fields and mass media.
12. Removal of any and all monuments dedicated to historical figures of the confederacy.

So, basically let criminals run wild and re-institute segregation and racist laws as a matter of "reparation".
As I just said, they're idjits. As for Trump and the National Guard, what he was roasted for was his OWN words of using the National Guard to SHOOT AMERICAN CITIZENS. You kinda left that part out.

Have I left anything out? I welcome your thoughts.
Quite a bit, especially on the Native American side of things, but hey. Can't blame ya there. The genocide of my people has been going on since 1492, so it's nothing new. Just an ingrained thought process that 1. Natives are mythical and don't really exist except as bad guys in westerns, or 2. The only good Native is a dead Native.

Happy now that you got a reply to this "big discussion" that is really a "stir the pot" agenda post?
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