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Default Re: Dutch Comic Con!

Originally Posted by Ludlum'sDaughter14 View Post
We'll show up and be like, "Hello, mate. We're your crazy fans from your website and if you try to get rid of us, we'll just call a parlay. Savvy?"

"The Dirkettes? You're the worst fans I've ever heard of."

"But you have heard of us!"

And at some point in the convo, working in, "There's a 'Lieutenant' in there somewhere..."

(Actually I just wanted to use the GIF and then I tried to make the post go with it and got carried away. Savvy? I mean, sorry. )

"Mate"? He's going to think we're from Australia.

"The worst fans i've ever heard of"? I hope not. He liked the birthday card and the Christmas card.

"Crazy fans"? Ok. I'll give you that one. Just fun crazy; not scary-psycho crazy.

If he gets rid of us, then no surprise for him. We'll switch and become Dwightette fans....but, it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Maybe John can clue us in. Do we need to worry about our reception in Missouri? He's not going to cancel on us, is he?
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