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Default Re: Interview with Dirk

Thank you for so many answers to my post! In recent days I haven't been on the forum because I'm ill.

Originally Posted by flyngirl5 View Post
Me too, Weronika! He's done quite a few interviews for magazines over the years, but my favorite Dirk-isms come from his "free" writings - particularly those short articles he had such as "Lost in Castration" and "Dig Deep". I love reading those and I really hope he starts a blog someday. He would be a natural blogger. That medium would bring to us the stream-of-consciousness Mr. Benedict we all know and love. ❤️😉
I definitely have to find and read them. I also bought his book, but I didn't have time to read it yet. I think he would be a great blogger. His fans would certainly be happy. I would certainly be happy
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