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Default Re: Summer Vacations

Originally Posted by seedview
Hello everyone

First off, Tracy, you mean that Dirk has some fans? Just joking. I know of no one who would open their homes up 24 hours/ day for people to stomp their way through, regardless what the family was doing. By the way, up for a visit? Kidding.

For me, the summer will be spent at home. Can't stand the loud, rude people that are shoveling food into their mouths with lightning speed, just to push their way to their next destination. For me, I'll wait until late September/October, when the hills around this area are getting color on them and the kids are back in school. I love to go to Letchworth State Park, which is about an hour and a half drive from here, between Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y. I love to go there during the week when very few people are around, so I can walk, take pictures, and just sit and contemplate all by myself. The gorge contains three waterfalls and a small dam at one end. It is so beautiful and relaxing.
Howdy Karen

When I know how to Clone myself :lol: :wink: few more of me(s)..I'll be comin' with U, girl...ummhhh..Three Waterfalls..sound pretty wonderful place to visit indeed :lol: :lol:

Hugs & Kisses..x
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