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Originally Posted by dbukfan
Originally Posted by NicoleDutch
Vacation...can't wait. After working weeks from more than 40 hours all I wan't to think of is me and vacation :roll:

I'll go to Greece this summer. Moi, my best friend and 15 days of sun. We'll visit 2 of the more unknow islands: alonissos & skiathos. I hate mass tourism so that's what I try to avoid.
Hoi Nicole

40 hrs/wk..that's far TOO much for U & everybody, I think...and YES!!..U deserve a long too been to Skiathos..beautiful island...v safe too!!..if U like snorkellin'...that's the Great place to do..also divin'...all lovely fishes in the Aegean're so so friendly like the Greeks!!...I go feedin them fr left-over breakfast bread daily..they're 100's+ surroundin' U...the last day..people we met @ the beach...just teasin' me...'Who's gonna feed the fish then? :lol: :lol: '
Also be careful with the HEAT wave...can get upto 40c in Jul-Aug....U'll have to HOP on the sand...& bury few eggs in it for frew U'll have cook-eggs for yr snack then...really :lol: :wink:
Have a good Holiday!!
Thanks! I think I'll make 50 working hours this week, lol.
Anyways, really looking forward to Skiathos and Alonissos ofcourse. IT IS extremely hot there now but I'm pretty sure the temp will drop...if not we'll just BBQ our fish outside on the beach!
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