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Originally Posted by barbara758
Hi everyone!
Not exactly sure what I am going be doing this summer. I may be going down to P.E.I. for a week in August.. That's Prince Edward Island a province here in Canada. It's so beautiful down there. The beaches have this lovely red sand. Also, I'll be probably eating quahogs which are really big oysters(cooked) and of course lobster and blue potatoes. The potatoes have kind of a blue tinge inside, hence the name. I know this isn't macrobiotic. Put you can't go to P.E.I without eating those foods. I'm really saving up to go to Europe next year to celebrate my 50th birthday. :shock: Still can't believe it.
I hope everyone has a lovely summer and really enjoy their time and where they are going.
Take care,
Hallo Anne

Ummmhh..Oyster :shock: ...Lobster..Yes!!.. pls.. :lol: :lol: ..girl...don't worry off MB for once in a while for Lobster!!..C'mon..sure DB won't mind that!!
Sound delicious trip indeed....USA, Australia, Canada...also on the lists of places I'd love to visit before I drop..haha!! :lol: :lol: ...not ready littly's too young for long-haul..mind U!!...V did take her to tour in the Far-East on the back-sling :wink: when she's not even 2 yrs!!..but children're v adaptable much more than us :roll: !!..just snzz off then she's fine nt day!!
U too have a wondeful Summer holiday..I think V all deserve it!!...Be Happy :lol: :lol:

Alles Gute...x
----Live Long & Healthy, Happy Lives----

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