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Originally Posted by Darrell Lawrence View Post
1st - Separate Protesters with rioters. They are not the same.
2nd - People are mixing Social Injustice with Politics. Two separate things.
3rd - The U.S. government as a whole sucks. Both major parties are to blame for current state of things.
4th - TL;DR it all.
5th - As an Indigenous person (Native American to those not knowing) to these lands, I am probably the wrong person to even reply to a political thread on an actors website forums.
1st - Agreed. And we're seeing this much more clearly at this time than we have in the past. I've long felt that much of the property damage caused during protests is done by a few agitators, hangers-on, who take advantage of a protest to cause chaos and the protestors will be blamed and their cause discredited. Now, with the ubiquitous cell phone cameras, we're actually seeing legitimate protestors calling out those who are busting out windows.

2nd - Also agreed, but politics is entwined since any change engendered by the protests will require the involvement of law and policymakers. I do think many of the officials are being too quick to appease certain elements; we also need to make the distinction between proper official support of the cause, and kowtowing to anarchists. History shows us that the appeased are never satisfied...

And politics is a large part of what got us here, too. Decades of division, keeping each little group apart and at each other's throats so we'd never come together and threaten their power. And don't get me started about politicizing a crisis...

3rd - Oh, brother, but I agree with you here. Sadly, too many people have bought into the lie of the 2-party system for it to change much in the short term, I'm afraid.

4th - TL;DR is not her style; I've known Erin a long time (not as long as I've known you, of course), and she lays it out straight - which can ruffle feathers if you're not expecting it - but once she does, I've found her open to entertaining other thoughts, and to revising her position. She'll never be a Bernie Bro, that's for sure (me, neither, actually), but she's not so close-minded she thinks she knows everything.

5th - Who better to have this discussion?

This is not a simple discussion, not in any way, shape, or form. There is a lot of misinformation circulating, oversimplifications being made, to justify one point of view or another. A lot of misunderstandings. A lack of context. And a plethora of issues all rolled up into one big, messy bundle.

This isn't about George Floyd, it never really was. He's just the focal point, his murder - and murder it was - the catalyst. The last straw, so to speak. It's thrown a harsh light on aspects of our society that most of us prefer to keep in the shadows. How it ultimately turns out will depend on conversations like this one. We've all got skin in this game - no pun intended.

So - Darrell, this is Erin, who is my friend and generally a good egg. Erin, this is Darrell, who is also a very good friend - I've referred to him as my brother-from-another-mother more than once...
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