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Appreciate your taking the time to read and respond to my long rant. (Seriously, I'm not being facetious. Considering we are like toenails and apricots on these issues... Respect.)

That said, if I am coming from a position of wanting to stir the pot or promote an agenda, you are doing the same thing. You glossed over the stuff I thought you'd debate and didn't respond to my question about your indigenous privilege; though you pretty much answered it in your response to my OP. But if we're gonna play cards, man, don't take that patriarchal tone with me.

So I won't go line by line because I think I've been too verbose. Just a handful of replies:
  • If an unbiased investigation had been conducted things might have turned out differently... OK, I'll buy that... but do you really think they would have found evidence of collusion? Bottom line, what reason have we to believe Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians, other than Hillz REALLY wanting it to be true.
  • Kavanaugh and his family should have been expected to sit down and take that BS crap just like police officers should be expected to sit idly by while molotov cocktails are thrown in their windows. They shouldn't. Nope.
  • You don't think unemployment across the country was at its lowest point since 1968 this February? And unemployment for women and minorities were at the lowest rates ever? That's not really a subjective point.
  • What you can't gloss-over is that there is zero evidence to suggest that the murder of George Floyd (yes, it was a horrible murder and those other officers should have done something) was in fact race-related. - because we still don't know anything that happened beyond the video. The video is evidence that Floyd was killed and it would be hard to argue otherwise. Do you know of Candace Owens? She's one of my favorite politi-bloggers. Here's some more information about Floyd and statistics. You'll appreciate these stats because they are specific to excessive use of force by police (or as you like to call it, "brutality").
  • We've got to have a separate conversation about the idea of using biological gender to inform medical insurance coverage. I'm sure you've read some sources and I others. I'm open on it.
  • Let me ask your opinion on this - Are rich, successful people in themselves a detriment to America? Do you see them adding any redeeming value to, say, the economy? Let's imagine we were all happy to live in our own financial situations - (with a few exceptions of people who need to be covered by the government for various reasons) - and appreciative to live in a country that affords us opportunities to better our situations. Do you think it would impact our happiness/satisfaction, assuming the same living conditions, if uber-successful people didn't exist? If we all had exactly the same money and stuff? Why or why not?
  • I don't know much about police unions, just secondhand stories. I've heard good and bad, same as teacher's unions...
  • As a Native American, I thought you'd have really paid attention to the Covington HS story, even after it fizzled in the media. But I guess it did fall out of the spotlight pretty fast. You should look up the background of Nathan Phillips and the longer, unedited version of that video if you haven't already seen it. I don't believe in doxxing and threatening teenagers no matter which super-special group you identify. I didn't like it when conservatives picked on Greta Thunberg and she willingly put herself in the spotlight. This was a 16-year old on a field trip. The whole problem with today's America is people can't get over their identities, their sex drives or their ancestors enough to care about anybody else.
  • I can't respond to "educate yourself"... So, OK. But no thanks, on this topic I have watched and read a lot on this topic from both moderate-left and moderate-right news sources to think critically and form my own opinion.
  • What do *you* think happened that suddenly caused all those buses and caravans to arrive at the border from Central America? That didn't seem organized to you? There's little objective proof, you're right. But the media's excuses that everybody realized at the same time that life sucked seems less plausible than that Soros's Open Society Foundation and its subgroups - which have conducted similar missions in the past - could have been part of it all. His name seems to come up a lot when big stacks of bricks appear on street corners during race riots, too.
  • My subjective opinion about the traits of different generations in their responses to sociopolitical issues and debates is just that. They're not conspiracy theories but I can't say they are facts, either, and there are exceptions.

I have to say it, because I'm anal about this stuff: "Could care less" is the wrong phrasing... should be "couldn't care less". If you could care less, that means you care, at least a little. (That's from the Weird Al song "Word Crimes", and Weird Al is never wrong.)

Do you really think people think that way about Native American people? I can honestly say I've never met anyone who had a problem with indigenous people - and I have actually known some pretty racist folks. I'm sorry if you had experience with that, but I don't think it's as prevalent as you might think. I grew up with a friend who was Native American (well not 100% but not .00027% or whatever it was like Liz Warren, either. LOL) He was very cool and knew a lot about history and culture.

Now we Irish Americans only know how to drink and fight.

Damn it, that was way too long, too. It's a nice night and we (meaning my husband) just got a fire going... have a good one...
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