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Indigenous privilege? Privilege? Seriously? What privilege would that be? LOL

So you expected me to debate only certain things, and were surprised when I didn't? Interesting...

Why do you assume I am referring to collusion having been found with a neutral investigation? Where did I say that? Given what I said and the way I said it, I could be inferring that the case could have been open and shut with no controversy at all (though we both know both sides love to create controversy).

...ummm One is a verbal thing during a hearing. So yes, Kavanaugh should have waited his turn to speak without the tantrum. He was not in physical danger, so no... nothing like molotov cocktails tossed at police or police shooting their very dangerous rubber bullets or tear gas at crowds.

Where did I say what I thought the unemployment rate was? I laughed at that, because that is a joke. In this particular case, numbers are really being skewed and manipulated.

Actually, we do know more than what was on the video. I'm surprised you missed that, given how that was on many news outlets - That cop and Floyd actually had a history together.

Ah yes.. Candice Owens... she who was paid to try to make Floyd's past make it ok to murder him. She's the one that Kickstarter closed down, right?

(or as you like to call it, "brutality")
As *I* like to call it? LMAO, YOU are the only one that used that word! I never said it, other than in quotes OF you!

Yeah, we'll have to have a totally different discussion on that one. One that can involve DNA. And I *don't* lean as hard into that as you may think, BUT it also wasn't the President's place to get involved.

Rich people... Wow. The way you put that, I guess you were and are in favor of billionaire companies owned by rich folks taking the relief funds intended for small businesses, while some of those businesses owned by rich people laid off employees without pay, forcing them to go on unemployment during the pandemic, while others made their employees to be "essential employees", risking their health, at minimum wages, during a pandemic? Just what did the rich folks do to help their employees during a time of crisis? They got richer is what they did.

I know exactly who Nathan Phillips is, and at the time I had no nice words for him either. BUT... I was raised to show respect to elders. At the time that happened, that kid did not know Nathan. But he showed disrespect to him. Finding out stuff in hindsight does NOT excuse that act as it happened in real time (and when I say elders, I am not referring to Native elders... I am referring to ALL elders, like old man John).

When I say educate yourself regarding that paragraph, that as to do with stuff going on LONG before Floyd, LONG before Trump, LONG before Obama, LONG before the Bushes and Clinton and so on. It's been building. The Floyd thing was the tip of the iceberg, so-to-speak. The fuse was lit many years ago. I do NOT like how Floyd is portrayed in all of this. His name and image is being used as a focal point. People have said enough is enough, there needs to be change. And unfortunately, it's his name and image that are at the center of it. With his name and image there, it really takes away from the others that have been killed by police. But luckily there are people out there that keep those other names towards the forefront.

...ummm That one I never responded to because it wasn't in your initial post. Trying to toss something new in there? Because I *do* think their was something going on with SUDDEN caravans, and I *know* there are fascist groups behind the suddenly appearing bricks. Look up Black Bloc (no "k") some time. Interesting read.

I *do* have a problem with illegal immigrants. I *also* have a problem with treating people like animals.

Could care less about the "couldn't care less" opinion. (that was a joke)

No. I don't think people think that way... I *know* people think that way. To include both State and U.S. government.

I should clarify, btw, that I am mixed. My mom was white, my dad Native. I was raised on the reservation though. Grew up as Native. My half sister and brothers on my mom's side - Their dad was Irish LOL So my niece from my sister is half black and a whole lot of Irish.

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